Elon, just like us, not exactly

Could it be Elon is actually just like us? But not in most of the ways that apply



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Quite the journey it has been. Just this week.


Crypto has a way of making your head spin, your stomach drop like going on the wildest of rollercoasters during the literal dips. These things are all a part of this one common experience we share. Our crypto Journey.


I think even billionaires have the same problems and learning curves to hurdle as the rest of us. In this aspect we are all equal, the hunt for information is vital for being the most accurate trader or hodler in any market. But how do you frontrun the worlds richest and also one of the smartest individuals this planet has seen. Could it be Elon is just learning the crypto atmosphere as the rest of us have been, although not everyone moves the market with them like Elon does. His tweets and social media antics and definitely his SNL appearance literally shake up the crypto-sphere on the regular. This is just a theory not one I’m even convinced of myself because there could be far more ill intent with the manipulation that has occurred politically and corporately in the last little span of time. But what if Elon is just like us, hear about Bitcoin, thought it was interesting, starts with a meme coin and the actual original crypto to begin with simply because of its ease of access, btc is the patriarch of sorts of crypto and doge coin is such a heavily displayed meme, it quickly becomes recognizable and makes it easy to remember. This wide sweeping love of doge and shiba and almost countless other meme coins isn’t the giant negative many believe it to be, it means we’re only getting started. Projects with use cases and utilities are going to be the future of crypto when adoption has occurred but it may take a few waves of meme coins before utility and interoperability on the blockchains will be the main focus of the market. Unfortunately that puts the spotlight off the streamlined and advanced projects that are building tomorrow’s ecosystems, but only in temporary terms while the crypto market sees more than younger generations jumping in to what many see as pump and dumps. This is what I like to think is a market in its infancy and one that can really make tremendous differences in our lives financially and in terms of security.


Could it be Elon is learning along with us and not intentionally launching and dropping the market like his SpaceX rockets? Or is he stringing us along to pump his bags and then cash in along the way then repeat? Your guess is as good as mine but the never ending musk watch continues but more than likely the truth lies somewhere in the middle, feel free to leave your comments and thought below and thanks for reading.





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I am not and have never been a financial advisor, or anything other than an entertainer giving an educational view on certain aspects of digital currency. Do your own research, stay informed and don’t listen to any one source.




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I’m no financial adviser, I’m still learning a great deal for myself and have begun a journey to share it with others if you find it educational or entertaining.

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