Crypto for Humanity

Crypto for humanity


Hello Publish0x, welcome to a short snippet on the effect we could one day have as crypto enthusiasts, and in return the effect crypto currency can have for all humans alike.


I’d like to tell a short story, it’s a very simple occurrence that happened but it made me think what a clever and variable tool crypto will one day be.


I was at my local gas station going to pick up a case of water ( terrible for the planet I agree) but ideal for work in construction, I park and start to walk into the convenience store when I’m engaged in conversation with a guy who in his version of his story had misplaced his debit card at the Walmart about 10 minutes away but needed gas to get home about 45 minutes away, he stops me at the gas station entrance to ask if I can help him out with a few bucks for the gas to get home. I’m always a skeptic but also like to help people when I can with what little I have, I’m not actually ridiculously affluent yet and closer to the lower end of middle class would probably be a fair yet stinging term. I tell this guy the truth I’ve got about ten bucks in my pocket to get the case of water to start the work week on Monday, he says he has an EBT card still with him and a barter for a couple cases of water in exchange for some fiat converted into gasoline was struck. He used the EBT to get my water and I went with him to the pump his car was at and all in all I would have spent about 14 dollars for the goods but it was exchanged for about 8 dollars of gasoline. Now I don’t know this person, had never met them and didn’t know what parts of their story were true but in the case of the blockchain we will be able to operate peer-to-peer and this takes the trust out of any arrangement by verifying certain pre existing requirements. Like if I’m going to be borrowing say BAT for example smart contracts would ensure that the borrower has liquidity in their account to cover the loan to begin with. This is what was missing in the real life scenario and instead trust played the role of the blockchain but this scenario just goes to show there is a use case for crypto in many forms.


I couldn’t help but think about how much the blockchain will one day be able to compute and settle transactions like these every day. In the meantime it’s up to us to be lights in the dark when we can be. Shed some light on crypto for those entering and try to keep knowledge at the forefront of the pursuit, if we do that we could all one day help each other without meaning to and without thinking about it as well. Society will be supporting, banking and transacting for itself one day. It’s up to us to usher in this change.


Food for thought.

<^•__•^> Crypto Batz



As always tips comments and follows are appreciated, stay tuned posts on the musical journey, the comic book NFT project in the works as well as market analysis and strategies from a self taught lifelong learner.



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