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Amatz the Remix, the cover the sweeping sensation, Danny Wayne back at it

Hello and welcome Publish0x to a very special version of today’s random ponderings with your friendly neighborhood Batman. 

The crypto world has been in dire straits and the real world has been bustling and chaos. The Batz has been juggling old talents and up fitting my skills in a number of ways, trying to get out of framing, construction and fencing in exchange for antique woodwork, up cycling and refurbishment has been the main focus of late. My hip hop related endeavors are always close to my heart and mind, however busy life may get and today im glad I was able to get a first take of my attempt at a cross-comic-international-cover that I was inspired to take on after watching Marvels “Falcon and the Winter Soldier” series. Their reveal of Madripor was in my opinion, excellent. The music Shanti Dope had put together instantly caugh my ear in the club scene in Episode 3, so I’ve had this one on my list for a little while and was able to take my first stab at my rendition. 

now I’m going to go abstract and just let you, the readers be able to listen to Shanti Dopes original and my less known and less developed track. Shanti is Filipino and I do not even know a shred of the language so today after recording over the same instrumental I was very curious, “how does his version translate to English”? What I did then was due to laziness and a long day, I googled (ew… google…) the lyrics and translated them ( I’m not sure if the translation is close or even semi close on some of the lyrics) but I didn’t expect google to do a great job of the job anyway and was not too surprised that it didn’t quite capture all the precise ways Shanti Dope phrased things. So without further ado a preliminary view at my first take and a side by side with what we can learn of the originals lyrics via a language barrier. Hold on for the ride, let me know what you think and if anyone has better translation or has some input on the lyrical content of either version I’m glad to hear it in the comments. Also listens shares and follows would be hugely appreciated, I’m not very far into expanding my social circles on the Interweb but can be with a little help. The Batz doesn’t have many fans just yet so feel free to get on board for a “rocket ship of a low market unheard of gem of a rapper” or something shilly like that 😂

Thanks for being here and bearing with this far

no further ado now,

the original Amatz by Shanti Dope -


A little context from what I’ve been able to gather, Shanti  Dope released his song in 2016 and by 2019 it was entirely banned from radio, tv and public airwaves basically by the PDEA (Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency) it was said to have been containing “ illicit references “ and other things while from my understanding the song and the artists involved have said that the “high” from music and not from any substance or additive. 

the lyrics as presented to me are as follows: 


(They say, they say)

Strength of my amats, strength of my amats

(They say, they say)

Very natural, no chemicals mixed

It used to be weird

For what reason they keep repeating you

What are they burning you for?

Money per utility room?

Brilliant stone, fragrant herbaceous

Up or down achievable

You still lose in their eyes

"What are you carrying?", 'Tus ka,' wag ako

What's new there?

Death or parak morning or evening, with pity

Lots of people still in the coffin

To the end, size of income in the woods

When you were young, Dad had a warning

To avoid falling on every rock

Even if you can stand on your feet

You must still be old with that

They told me as a child

"Aye, what are you doing when you get older?"

This I sought, the flight was still high

So make you feel a gram

'It doesn't matter when music dies

Rather than money and arrears, the boss's bullet

Even if they have a lot of crabs

I'm still in space, foursome


Strength of my amats, strength of my amats

(They say, they say)

Strength of my amats, strength of my amats

(They say, they say)

Strength of my amats, strength of my amats

(They say, they say)

Very natural, no chemicals mixed

Strength of my amats, strength of my amats

(They say, they say)

Strength of my amats, strength of my amats

(They say, they say)

Strength of my amats, strength of my amats

(They say, they say)

Very natural, no chemicals mixed


I am a star in Cavite

Shine to spread even better

Fill the wallet before a-15

Stumbled to get up triple, uh

So naturally if others heat up

It seems that grass in Benguet still lives

Anyway, at least, it's my reality

I'm the only one who can work

Far from being seen

Fulfillment used to make me even more obsessed

Hungry, still healed

‘Not in medicine, poison in the pharmacy

We are only natural

You commit to the pipe, hidden in the kitchen

Umbrella brother, 'tasting

It's not easy to run to his kiss

He was the only one who could afford it

Paipadama ng paramatma

Poor, distorted chakra

Take the step away from the map

Galaxy in mind enjoyed

Names are still spreading but you don't know me

Join or knead, I am also a baker

With each friend the companion nodded, uh

Amat, how are you being taken?

Amat, should you be feeling that way?

Should you be shocked?

Even those you haven't tasted yet, alas

It's easy to get blindfolded

For them you didn't make them happy

You have so many names

And longed to meet you, disgusting


Thank you Mr Dope. We’re sorry that the internet translator probably butchered your words. 
 And here’s my take - 

Danny Wayne’s version, courtesy of Akigami Beats on YouTube and the production at Soule Julebox 

My lyrics here, I just want to get some opinions let me know what you think and I hope you enjoyed listening. 


Amatz instrumental


Dropping in hot from the roof to the top floor,

better batten hatches or get caught in a shitstorm,


city’s full of hornets you could quickly get into a war


known to be marauding on the island of madripor,

here in the QC  only Batz commands the swarm,

came up calling shot but had no pot to piss on. Only made it through those night with  a couple wrist flicks,

now I’m riding solo used to be a gang of misfits,

they tried to remove us had to show proof of existence,


hopped on 85 pursued the dream without no limits,


down to take these strides and the hell with being timid, tell Our Father when we’re finished well go asking for forgiveness until then we’ll just stick to it .

It’s the AmAtz tradition

and keep on the expedition

look out the Batz is blitzing better warn the competition


propaganda rolls hot off the press

need to get some shit up  off my chest

I’m tired of the ways our humanities oppressed. With this progress I’m obsessed,

but still living check to check but the shits about to blow

believe the pressures set.

I thought they’d never hear me but let’s sit and wait a sec


When it comes to heroes it seems we need a double dose, guess it’s all about to the way we all need hope.

As for me I hope I’m close,

to the systems treasure trove,

lurked in enough submerged temples for some secrets to expose.

then return in the morning to the Wayne family Cove

Fly up out the water like a Phoenix from the ashes we have rose,

vowed to keep the banksters and politicians on their toes,

they call him the Batz cause he raps till he collapse or goes comatose

Best watch out cuz he’s coming in hot on approac


Coming in hot from where they make deadly drops. City of the queens and she is always in my thoughts,

while I’m on my perch my office  is the rooftop I’m atop.

My scanner is the swarm itself and they know the hornets talk,

the Batz has seen these storms a-brewing in the distance they’re far off.

But batten down these hatches or get your lid straight split across.

I’ve had to way swim through all these dungeons and these latches I’ve unlocked,

take a dive inside my mind you could fuck around and just get lost.

If only we could live within the way of Amatz

and not what we were taught by these puppets used as props.

With a high all natural but they still called the law,


hearing the dark knight creeping up?

unlikely with his Panthers Paws


thats been my day Publish0x, hit me with what you think, 


crypto Batz ——> out 



I am not and have never been a financial advisor, or anything other than an entertainer giving an educational view on certain aspects of digital currency. Do your own research, stay informed and don’t listen to any one source.




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<^•__•^> Crypto Batz

I’m no financial adviser, I’m still learning a great deal for myself and have begun a journey to share it with others if you find it educational or entertaining.

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