There is now a Site that tracks the most talked about Crypto Symbols

By Lukros76 | Crypto Banter | 30 May 2021

The site is called CryptoComplier, it was made and designed by a Reddit user that wanted to make it easier for himself and others to invest in crypto and  to learn more about different coins as well as crypto in general and how it all works. The way the site works is, it takes posts from 14 different crypto subreddits as well as from thousands of popular crypto investing Twitter, Youtube and Tiktok users and places them all onto the site neatly for easier finding and further research. What's also neat is that there is a "Trending" list of the most talked about crypto recently, giving precise but vague info for anyone just looking for a quick info grab and than onto trading.


There is however a more in-depth look into each symbol and it's performance. It's also quite useful for finding new projects to invest into and further researching into projects you're already interested in. There are also custom tools built into the site for getting specific notifications as well as analyzing connectings between social media posts/trends and crypto prices.

All in all it is an extremely useful site for anyone looking to analyze crypto a bit more thoroughly without having to go in depth with some high-level analysis of charts, statistics and other nerdy stuff. It may not be perfect as the opinions of people on Twitter/Tiktok aren't the ideal investing advice but it is there nonetheless as markets often depend on sentiment and knowing what the current sentiment is will always be useful in my humble opinion.

To be honest I am quite thankful to /notdjc for sharing his work like this it is a lot of effort to make something like this and also a very wholesome thing to share it with the world when he could just keep it to himself, cudos to him.

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