Crypto Holder tortured with a drill by Robbers so they could obtain his assets

By Lukros76 | Crypto Banter | 12 Jul 2021

With how many ways we have to secure our crypto, through authenticators, 2FA, complicated random passwords, safe key phrases and hardware wallet, one would expect people no longer have much of a physical way to steal our assets especially since they are both digital and have multi-layer security, they should be more secure than they are in a bank or at your home, but they are still "in your head". This is something a group of robbers from the Netherlands attempted to take advantage of when they invaded a crypto trader's home and tortured him in an attempt to force the coins out of him. Seems having it all near also isn't the safest of solutions... or is it?

The trio of robbers disguised themselves as police and burst into the traders house, the traders name has not been disclosed. The traders 4-year old daughter had to witness the physical abuse they inflicted upon him with an electric drill. The injuries were so severe he had to be hospitalized for 5 days. It was also not disclosed whether or not the robbers succeeded in getting the passwords/information out of the guy, tho just imagining being tortured like that makes me think he may have just blacked out before they got what they wanted, not the smartest of plans. It is also unknown if certain assets in particular were requested or just all crypto the trader had.

Bitcoin Robbery: Biggest Thefts In The History Of Humankind | by BIDITEX  Exchange | Medium

15 officers were dispatched to investigate the incident and have taken it very seriously as a major invasion and danger to other holders. They also pointed out that there have been crimes elsewhere, like in Russian where they held a businessman hostage until he surrendered his Bitcoin funds. A thing that has to be noted is that businessmen and rich people with physical assets are much less likely to experience this sort of crime since these things can't easily be transferred from one person to another like crypto or digital cash can. This just shows off how hard it is for people to openly talk about holding crypto as they may be exposing themselves to an array of dangers.

As one commenter noted, the first rule of crypto is the same as the first rule of Fight Club... don't talk about it. As it becomes mainstream it will obviously become less of a risk as almost everyone will have it at some point, it'll just be a situation where the most loaded people will have to stay silent or be secure enough to be able to fend of such situations. It's a sad reality but not one that wasn't there before Crypto, it would have been a similar situation with a safe and a key or number combination.

Barska 2.6 Cubic Foot Fire Vault Safe (Black) AX13102 B&H Photo

It is of course impossible to judge what someone would do in this situation since we don't even know what the person in question did but depending on the situations some people would have surely given in and spared both themselves and their daughter the scene that had unfolded that day... It's sad to think about all of this but as some have pointed out, this isn't the dark side of crypto, it's the dark side of man in which people would do such horrific things to each other to benefit ones self. Despite this people will still use this as an excuse as to why crypto isn't good, as they do with everything else.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it!

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