Cheap Token Strategy

Buying very cheap tokens for the long haul?

By Lukros76 | Crypto Banter | 5 May 2021

Would this be a viable strategy? What I'm proposing essentially is for me, or anyone else, to essentially use up a very small amount of money (or just other crypto assets), around 10$ or so, and than buy 15 different tokens that are currently dirt cheap. Let's say you buy 100 of each. That's the situation right now, so let's look at it from a far.

You now own 15 different tokens, all worth not that much right now, and together they are what is essentially money you would use to get yourself lunch. These 15 tokens would be hand picked by you, to your personal liking or general possibility of actually becoming valuable, a lot of research might go into it, or just a tad bit so you're sure it's not a completely worthless project.

Now, out of these 15 tokens, if even one start to have a big uptrend, or just grows exponentially over a large amount of time. It will quite likely repay you the entirety of what you invested? And that is just a single coin. There is of course the situation where none of them succeed, and you lost 10$, boohoo. But the chances of them skyrocketing and returning your money tenfold are quite high when we look at the fact that early projects are obviously going to be quite a bit undervalued when they just start off and will almost always trend upwards for at least a short time. 

That being said, I would say this might be quite a solid tactic with low risk, possible extremely high reward. You could always do this at a larger scale but that already begins to go into the territory of throwing larger amounts of money into it which is already riskier than the proposed idea.

Of course, this might already be something people do, it might be that this is actually a terrible idea or that it just doesn't work but I'm not an expert or a financial adviser so... it's just my thought on the possibilities that cheap tokens can bring. Thanks for reading and tell me what you think, don't flame me tho I am not a genius, just a guy trying a bit.

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