Buy BTC now? or wait for a further dip?

By Lukros76 | Crypto Banter | 17 May 2021

So, BTC has fallen to the lowest price it's been at since the beginning of March and it is obvious that this is one hell of a dip. With how BTC rose from the ashes last time this happened a repeat wouldn't be out of the order but the main question is... has the dip ended or is there more to it?

As most of you probably know no one can predict how it's going to move, no matter if they winged it or analyzed it for days looking for reasons why it would rise/fall, anyone that does get it right essentially just got lucky, the future can not be predicted. What we can do however is use our heads a bit... we may not be able to predict the time but we can predict one thing, the price will rise, eventually. With the height at which BTC was recently, to it's fall to this low after a few news stories about regulation and power outages the main questions we should be asking is... do I wanna gamble for more profit or take my profit now?

If you're the gambling type (and with another slow dip starting up as I'm writing this article you might get your deal) you might wanna wait it out a bit more for it to either stabilize or drop to an even lower price where you can say "it dropped low enough, my patience payed off" and just buy it then.

On the other side, if you're here for the long run and don't want to miss the rebound by even a second, buy it now, like seriously go buy it right now, with this additional small dip of 2,000 it might just soon be the time where it rebounds like hell, and even if it isn't, it'll get there eventually and your profits will be there no matter what.

Now to finish this off, I am not an expert in crypto, I'm just a random dude looking at stuff he likes and using logic. You can disagree and absolutely ignore what I just said, totally fine by me, I'm just argumenting my own thoughts here and seeing what others might think. Thanks for reading!

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