Crypto Banter Notes - 051021 - Monday May 10, 2021

By cryptogardens | Crypto Banter Notes | 10 May 2021

New Coin Launches

DFYN on Polygon launches today, allows cross-chain liquidity.

Donkey on Superstarter launches this week, will allow for one-touch farming.

Market Conditions

  • Doge coin crashed as predicted, combination of buy-the-rumor-sell-the-news event (Elon Musk hosting SNL) and RobinHood glitching out Saturday.
  • Ran is 25% in cash, expects correction
  • Sheldon: BTC.d has been going down very fast, expect a bounce
  • Ethereum has been running too hot, need some corrections before moving higher.
  • Ran & Sheldon both think Ethereum will grow to exceed Bitcoin’s market cap.

The Crypto Banter Case for a Bitcoin Super Cycle

Ran & Sheldon also believe that we won’t have a crypto winter as happened in 2018 - early 2020. Corrections yes, prolonged depression no. Why is this?

- Government is subsiding commodities to hide inflation. Look at lumber futures, price keeps increasing even though the underlying product is the same.

- Janet Yellen hinted at coming inflation.

- Weak job markets means that government has to print more money.

- In general, US has to prop up the stock market by printing more money.

- Crypto is becoming like the other capital markets of the world. As stock market prices inflate around the world, so too will crypto.


Litecoin looks primed versus BTC & ETH, Ran gets finally convinced on the fundamental case for LTC based on being a low cost method of transaction that still enjoys wide adoption (Venmo) and will be attractive to new users who don't want to buy only a fraction of Bitcoin.


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Crypto Banter Notes
Crypto Banter Notes

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