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By Best crpto | Crypto bag | 14 Aug 2019

User interface update for CryptoTab Browser® Mobile No more finger yoga for CryptoTab Android users

Sometimes a small change makes a big difference. That's exactly the case with the latest CryptoTab Browser® for Android update. We've made a single improvement. It changed everything.

See? We don't think your fingers are as long as a sloth's. We want you to be able to use your phone with just one hand. That's why the navigation panel is on the bottom side now, right under your thumb. Where it is supposed to be.

It's kinda strange, but right now CryptoTab is the only Android browser with that feature. Maybe developers just have long fingers. Or adore sloths. We don't know. What we do know, is that there finally is a mobile browser which is truly convenient to use.

It's called CryptoTab. Try it. Now.


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Best crpto
Best crpto

I,m a fresh boy how has join crypto field recently. And want to work at this platform.

Crypto bag
Crypto bag

All crypto latest new ,coins, bounty and airdrops .

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