Calling all uniswap User!!

Calling all uniswap User!!

By TrinityJc | Crypto Baby Updates | 18 Sep 2020


    1. Go to Uniswap at
    2. Make sure your MetaMask is connected to Uniswap. If it is not connected yet, connect it now.
    3. Click on Uni at the top left of the screen.
    4. On the panel on the next screen, if your account is eligible, 400 UNI will be shown. Click Claim UNI.
      how to claim UNI

    1. Claiming UNI is a 2-step process. Complete Part 1 and pay a nominal fee in gas to Approve UNI, followed by Part 2 to Swap. In our case, Part 1 cost about $3.80 and Part 2 cost about $16.00, paid in ETH. Ensure that you have enough ETH for these two transactions or the process will fail midway.
      how to claim uni The gas required for Part 2 of the transaction at time of writing was rather high at nearly $17.00 in ETH.

  1. Once Part 2 of the transaction above has gone through, the 400 UNI would have successfully been deposited to your MetaMask wallet.
    how to claim uniand if you already claim guys pls if you have a heart give me a tip or a gift or donation 🙏🙏thank you guys more blessings
  2. Btc add 3FnV4k2GwwrPW22tF8HHw5dz6zeJL81Ukf




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