Sale in the Crypto Market: Ultra $UOS, $THETA, $DOT, $AKRO, $ONT, Elrond $EGLD, $CRV, Helium $HNT

By Aware1 | Crypto Awareness | 7 Sep 2020

A check-in on the crypto market after a few red days that saw an $80 billion decrease in the total cryptocurrency market cap. To the seasoned crypto trader, these pullbacks are expected and par for the course.

What the pullback has really done is put the crypto market on sale for the well educated. Strong projects with solid fundamentals can now be purchased for a fraction of their recent value, providing another chance to accumulate the true gems.

I cover some of the projects that I have my eye on during this pullback as they seem poised to bounce back and continue their upward climb.

Two of my top coins, Theta and Ultra (UOS), recently announced a partnership that helps increase both project's network effect and will allow users to earn both UOS and THETA tokens just through the use of the platforms.

As Ethereum continues to struggle with high gas fees and slow development on ETH 2.0 and proof of stake, other projects and side chains on Ethereum will likely be put forward to help ease congestion. One such project that I see gaining a lot of traction over the next year and a half is Polkadot (DOT). And when it comes to Polkadot and DeFi, Akropolis (AKRO) is a solid pick that looks to be gaining more attention in the space.

I also discuss Ontology, Elrond (EGLD), and Curve DAO Token (CRV) as projects that I have my eye on for one reason or another.

To finish it up I discussed Helium (HNT) and its HotSpot consensus network that allows anyone with electricity and an internet connection to participate in the consensus process and earn rewards. You can get your own Helium Hotspot Here:

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Crypto Awareness
Crypto Awareness

I discuss a variety of topics from across the crypto-verse, pointing to some developing trends that I see on the long term horizon. With so much news and FUD out there, it can be difficult to know what is actually going on with the cryptocurrency space and where the major developments are taking place. I hope to simplify this process for people as well as add my perspective on where things are and where things may possibly go.

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