Crypto Market Gaining Momentum; $UOS, $ALEPH, $NXM, $UMA, $ENG, $LEND, $RSR, $TRX, $WIN, $JST

By Aware1 | Crypto Awareness | 31 Aug 2020

I check in on the crypto market and some of the projects I've talked about in the past as well as some coins I don't own but have my eye one.

The overall crypto market continues to be driven higher through increased institutional investment and the growing DeFi space. As the global central banks continue to print unprecedented amounts of money, assets like cryptocurrencies and gold continue to reap the benefits of the increased money supply.

Some of the projects discussed today include Ultra (UOS) [UOS can most easily be acquired on the Bitrue exchange:], (ALEHP), Nexus Mutual (NXM), UMA, Enigma (ENG and soon to be SCRT), Aave (LEND), Reserve Rights (RSR), Tron (TRX), WINk (WIN) and Just (JST).


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My saying is "It's not about what you do, it's about being aware of what you do." My journey has been filled with ups and downs, positives and negatives, but the experience has been fantastic. Now I look to help others find the joy in their journey.

Crypto Awareness
Crypto Awareness

I discuss a variety of topics from across the crypto-verse, pointing to some developing trends that I see on the long term horizon. With so much news and FUD out there, it can be difficult to know what is actually going on with the cryptocurrency space and where the major developments are taking place. I hope to simplify this process for people as well as add my perspective on where things are and where things may possibly go.

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