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Publish0x Vs Medium why Publish0x is better?

Why I prefer Publish0x to Medium?

By Aventurine | Crypto Aventurine | 28 Jan 2023



I have been Publish0x user for some time, not very active, but I have some reads and coins instantly! I have decided to try Medium for writing articles to see how it goes.

Here are a few facts I need to point out: 

Medium looks more aesthetic and it has the mobile app and that’s about where the advantage ends in my personal opinion to be said! 

I have made a post on Medium and it turned out to be totally dead with 0 reads. The same post on Publish0x generated reads instantly without me promoting it anywhere! 

So, when it comes to writing content that generate reads and earn coins, Pubilsh0x is by far the best! I can see instant engagement on posts that come from within the platform and I earn straight away - it is not much, but if I had to start building reader base, looks like doing it on Publish0x is more effective! 

Yes, I would love for Publish0x to improve aesthetics and how the ads are shown, but let’s face it - there is no subscription option where people pay to read so I can understand the ads to be necessary. 

Publish0x can certainly become the top publisher, not only about crypto, but other topics as well. They just need to work on improvements! Once we see progress, I can see Publish0x to be the parent for branched off dedicated sites/topics!

And maybe add subscription options too and have dedicated articles for subscribers? 

One thing is for sure - now is the time for Publish0x to ramp up and move forward! 

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