Is Phantom the Best Wallet on Solana?

By Aventurine | Crypto Aventurine | 9 Sep 2023

Phantom Is The Only Multichain Wallet On Solana!

If there is another one, than I have to say I haven't heard about it. The only competitor I am aware of is Solflare.

Phantom offers plethora of built in features with access to Magic Eden and token swaps at no extra costs, the wallet is extremely convenient to use and it looks sleek! 

At the end of August Phantom has released a new feature called SIWS (Sign in with Solana)


It allows apps to securely authenticate their users with just Solana address, but why is it even needed? Phantom states that:

Why are these sign message requests even needed? The reason is authentication. When you connect your wallet to an app today, most wallets simply share your address without verifying that you control the corresponding private key. For consumer-grade applications like , , and though, this isn’t enough. In order for these apps to build personalized features like user profiles, private messaging, and loyalty programs, they need to verify that their users are who they say they are.

We can tell that phantom also has build a very good relationship with many projects on Solana and those projects recommend Phantom as preferred wallet. Also, it is worth to mention Phantom didn't have any security breaches to date.

So it is safe to say it is the best wallet on the Solana chain!

I am curious to find out what is the next feature Phantom is going to release.

The fact that there are no fees for internal swaps is quite surprising thing and other wallets usually charge fees for that.

Anyways, have a good day and if you wondering what wallet should you be using on Solana, you can't go wrong with Phantom it is one of the best options available!    


All the Best, 


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