Bitcoin Turns Orange

From Sunday Pump to Monday Dump Bitcoin Turns Orange

By Aventurine | Crypto Aventurine | 31 Jan 2023

Bitcoin dumped as I expected after the weekend! Did it reach my price target of $21k area? Well not yet. 

There is important thing to notice that Bitcoin pumped over the weekend and when I said that Bitcoin is going to dump BTC was at around $23k then pumped nearly $1000 before it dumped. And now it sits back where it was before the pump! 

I take this into consideration and I am no longer convinced Bitcoin will dump to $21k mark, because this level can be new support if it holds throughout this week! The only thing we can do now is to watch how things will unfold. 

It could be that the pump was intentional to mitigate the upcoming dump so Bitcoin creates strong support, builds confidence and conviction that we are in a bull run!

There is high incentive for BTC to break $25k level - everyone is tired of the bear market! 

I even see new projects starting to pop up here and there, discord is getting busier. 

If Bitcoin holds $23k line then it will be good place to go long from here!

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