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Detox From Toxic Accumulation Of Dumps

By Aventurine | Crypto Aventurine | 19 Feb 2023

Bitcoin is at the stage of higher timeframe pattern reversal forming.

Below photo shows a potential inverse head and shoulders pattern on weekly timeframe with the price target of around $35,000



The market sentiment is positive and it looks like more and more people comes to the conviction that the cold crypto winter ends in winter, as we are still in February (depending which part of the world you live) this is winter! If the head and shoulders pattern plays out this could be a proper detox from toxic accumulation of dumps


Twitter is alive with all the influencers from 2020 popping up on my feed looks like there is no better time to get in then now!

I expect any FUD attempts to have a little or zero effect from now on! Of course there will many corrections on the way up but for the people this will be treated as such! 


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