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Confused Feelings About The Next Move For Bitcoin

By Aventurine | Crypto Aventurine | 22 Feb 2023

I am having confused feelings about the market right now. A bit like a big dump is coming, but at the same time some bullishness!

Daily pattern on Bitcoin develops similar to the two previous patterns. It took about 6 days to complete the first one and about 20 days to complete the second. In this pattern we are at day 7. 


I expect big move to happen within the next few days!

In my previous post, I said there is a bullish pattern developing on 4h timeframe with a price target of $27,000 that is to break by Saturday

Given that it usual never meets the target, I’d say $26,000 will be the moment that BTC will dump big. 

However, I see a lot of influencers bearish again and whatever you might think about this, there is a reason why they are called “influencers” - collectively they have the power to dictate the direction. They are even more accurate then any other indicator! It is not that they are right it is just because the people follow what they say! So the big slower dump might already be happening!


Stay tuned!


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