The altcoin investing phenomena

By Long term coin | Crypto assets | 24 May 2024

The altcoin investing phenomena Long Term Coin            

The altcoin market is totally unpredictable and highly vulnerable to scams. This is why community involvement is absolutely necessary in the altcoin market. It can stop scams and, at the same time, create sustainability in the project, which is the first step to growth. I will help you understand the mistakes investors make during their altcoin investment journey through chess.

Image-1 Image-1

In this image, you will see that if black captures the pawn shown in the center with the knight(green arrow), white can simply capture black’s knight with his knight, shown by the red arrow. What I am trying to suggest here is that the way this is a mistake investors in altcoins are making similar mistakes because they think that they do not need to analyze the community before choosing the coin. That is the reason investors do not go big.


Again, in this image, if black puts his Bishop on the square shown by the green arrow, the white can capture that Bishop by using his Bishop shown by the green arrow. Investors make these mistakes only when they do not go big with the community. Because investors are scared of these types of errors at a subconscious level, they never invest more than 500 or 1000 USD in the coin. That is the exact problem I want to solve with my simple decentralized fund. The more the community members invest in big amounts, the more they show trust to the other community members, and the more everyone will be prone to take responsibility. Investing big in a simple defi fund on enzyme protocol managed by the Dao of our community members. The biggest problem is the trust between Dao members, which can be solved by investing a big amount in the fund as a sign of trust to other community members. The bigger the investor you become, the stronger the message that you trust other community members to go big as well, and by following this simple thing, you can gradually create a decentralized community. Remember that your heart is where your treasure is.


In image 3, if the black knight tries to capture the pawn in the center, as shown by the red arrow, then the white knight can capture the black knight, as shown by the green arrow. I don’t want investors to make these types of mistakes when they go into altcoin, so I want to build a decentralized community based on trust, and trust can be achieved by investing big in the fund managed by the Dao. Anyone can simply win Dao’s trust if he invests a higher amount than other community members. If anyone is Concerned about the performance of the fund, then let me clear that 90% of the fund will be invested in Bitcoin, and the remaining will be invested in altcoins until the remaining 10% of the fund outperforms Bitcoin and the dao decides on the allocation of that 10%.


In Image-4, as you can see, if black puts his queen on the square, shown by the red arrow, then white can capture the queen with his Bishop, shown by the green arrow. Investors can avoid such mistakes in their investing journey if they focus on investing more to win the trust of other community members. Other community members are also reluctant to go big, but if everyone starts showing signs of trust in each other by investing more, then our fund can become a decentralized fund because investors have taken the actions necessary to win each other’s trust. The action of investing big. This is the reason why proof of stake is compelling.


As seen in image-5, if black puts his queen on the square, shown by the red arrow, then white’s queen can capture black’s queen by his queen shown by the green arrow. When investors do not invest a higher amount in our fund, they work against decentralization and trust because it demoralizes other community members, and in this case, the trust is reduced, which is the same mistake as shown in image 5. This is the reason why, for the fund to stay decentralized, community members should invest a higher amount. This will encourage community members to take part in Dao for a longer period. You all need to invest big as a sign to show trust for each other and long-term commitment to it.

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