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So guys I started using a new platform called it is same as twitter but for every post you make you earn cryptocurrency. 



SO now I am going to share my experience with this application. I usually research on new tech related project specially blockchain gaming so I saw this platform at first I was like it is too good to be true but after one day I earned 16 TLOS and 50+ dust tokens. 

Now I will give you a walkthrough of how you will be using the platform.

Firstly I have given the link down you can use that to register once you get registered go to the earn option and enter you wallet addresses.


That's it after adding wallet details now you only have to post and earn the reward. Payouts are done automatically everyday no minimum amount. also there are different channels there and every channel has a different cryptocurrency reward.

However there is a catch in order to post you need coins you can get the coins by joining the chirp telegram channel and get 50 coins for free.

In order to post you have to spend 4 coins and you get a coin for every like on your post. Also if you want to like a post one coin will be deducted from your account. The crypto is paid after 10 likes on your post and getting 10 likes is not a problem. 

If you run out of coins just head back to telegram and you will get more the community is very nice and helpful. P.S always like the good posts.

the telegram link is

                                                                          THE END.


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Crypto apps.
Crypto apps.

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