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Introducing Shiba Coffee Company

By barevman | Crypto and Things | 5 Nov 2021

How We Got Started

I am pleased to announce the official launch of Shiba Coffee Company. We are an online coffee retailer specializing in gourmet, fresh-roasted coffee. All of our coffee is roasted the same day it is shipped, making it some of the freshest coffee you can find.

Shiba Coffee Company started out of my love for coffee, my dream of somehow getting involved with the business side of coffee (I had thought I wouldn't be able to do so until after my traditional career), and the booming interest (both personal and global) in cryptocurrency. The name and inspiration for our brand of course comes from the popular Shiba Token cryptocurrency. When I first learned of Shiba Token, I was a bit weary, and thought it might just be another meme token. However, I had lost out on huge profits from selling Doge too early, and thought I might as well throw some of my other crypto gains into Shiba and see what happens. I did this when Shiba was first listed on, and was basically down until the most recent bull run. Nevertheless, I was impressed with the Shiba community online and with the direction the Shiba ecosystem was going. It was this growing community, despite not seeing instant gains, that led me to decide to start a line of coffee for discerning Shiba enthusiasts.

Shiba Coffee Company Logo

Incorporating SHIB into the company

I wanted to make sure that the company not only fit in with Shiba brand-wise, but also contributed to the Shiba ecosystem more broadly. Because of this, I made the decision that 100% of profits of the company will be used to purchase SHIB. Additionally, the company is planning to burn 10% of the profits into the Vitalik Buterin burn wallet in order to help the long-term outlook of Shiba Token and decrease the circulating supply. The company will post public updates of all Shiba purchases and burns in the interest of transparency. This will likely be done on either a monthly or quarterly basis, depending on how things look going forward.

Shiba Coffee Company coffee

Want to Help?

If you are interested in learning more about Shiba Coffee Company or want to help out the company, we do have a great affiliate program available. Affiliates can earn 4.20% commission for every referral who becomes a paying customer. You can sign up for our affiliate program using the following link:

Additionally, if you are a blogger with a large following and want to publish a review of our coffee on your blog, podcast, YouTube channel, Odysee channel, or any other social media you operate with a substantial following, we will be providing limited free samples. Just get in touch either in the comments below or through one of our social media channels:

Our Very Own Shiba Coffee Company NFT

Finally, if you are a collector of NFTs, we have a new exclusive NFT that we are giving away for free that includes a coupon code for your first order at

If you want to view the NFT collection, you can do so on OpenSea via the following link:

If you would like to receive a free NFT, please reach out on Twitter ( and follow us and send a DM with your request. We will do our best to send you your NFT quickly, but due to the number of requests we have already seen, it could take up to 72 hours for a response.

Win a Free Bag of our Fresh Roasted Coffee

We are currently running a twitter competition in celebration of the launch of our coffee line! Please go to the following page, which will prompt you to follow us on Twitter and retweet our pinned tweet in order to enter the competition. Competition is limited to residents of the USA with permanent USA addresses. 

Conclusion (and 15% off coupon!)

We are excited to start this journey of mixing the magic of coffee with the excitement of crypto and Shiba! If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch!

In order to get a Publish0x exclusive 15% off coupon on your first order, just follow the link: or use the coupon code Publish0x at checkout. The coupon will be valid for the month of November.


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