Intro - Looking to the crypto future of the Caribbean

I’m new to cryptocurrency but I am so excited about it’s future in helping people take control of their money. I first went to Jamaica in 2005 and fell in love. Since then, I’ve found lifelong friends, been adopted by a mom, and made plans to eventually live there full time. I would love to use crypto investments to buy a small house in the mountains.


As a medical massage therapist by trade, I had no knowledge about Bitcoin. In 2017, a friend of mine here in Texas used it to buy a house, but for some reason I still didn’t pay attention. Recently some of my wealthiest clients started talking about Bitcoin and I realized it was past time for me to figure it out.


In the past months, I’ve begun a crash course in the field, started investing a bit, and am trying to learn as much as I can. I have been inspired to research the current use and potential future of cryptocurrency in Jamaica and the Caribbean and to write about what I’m learning.


Don’t come here for investment advice! (Insert disclaimer here) I am not a professional, I’ll never tell you what or when to buy. I will share some tools and currencies that I find but always, always do your own research.


Have you used crypto in the Caribbean? What do you think I should research next? Comment below or contact me on Twitter @CryptoandSaltfish


Music rec:


“Inna politician heart mek dem start pay price

Juvenile march out nuff like plain rice

Guh fi any politician weh nah play nice”


Raggamuffin by Koffee

Koffee is my personal favorite Jamaican artist.



Food rec:

Chilito’s JaMexican

Hope Road, Kingston

Mexican-Jamaican fusion, need I say more?

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Crypto and Saltfish
Crypto and Saltfish

Advocate for Cryptocurrency in Jamaica and the Caribbean

Crypto and Saltfish
Crypto and Saltfish

Current and future potential of cryptocurrency in Jamaican and the Caribbean

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