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How to include real value in your NFT artwork

To build a thriving NFT community, we need to create NFTs that include donation receipts of charity work. You can see the example of the donation receipt in our youtube video.

Chess meditation is the artwork we care for, and you may care for some other artwork, but without a community, your artwork does not carry any long-term value. If your community gives away a certain portion of profits, then only there will be an internal bonding between community members. Internal bonding between community members will help you grow your project. You cannot do it alone; let's face reality.

NFTs include a donation receipt showing the owner that NFT is a giver and that feeling binds that NFT investor with the community. The more considerable the amount of that NFT, the more he will be involved with your community. Yes, it will be an initial investment from your side, but creating such NFTs will allow you also to be emotionally involved with your NFT project. It is the level of emotions that will decide the success of your NFT project. You and your NFT buyers both need to be massively emotionally involved.

We need to create powerful NFTs, which can only happen when we have a large number of charity receipts included from sites like giving block. The more significant the amount and more NFTs you create, the higher your odds of being emotionally involved with your NFT project. Emotional involvement is the key for everyone here. It is the emotions that will decide the growth for everyone. If you want your NFT buyers to be more emotionally involved, you need to sell them a higher amount of NFTs because that NFT includes a large amount of charity receipt. Some buyers may ask about the proof of whether you paid for this charity. You can give them the transaction ID and screenshot of the ownership of the wallet.

Giving is the foundation for any community’s internal bonding between members. It has to be authentic through a transparent process of creating NFTs that includes a big chunk of the donation receipt. It would be best if you kept adding the screenshot when discussing NFTs with a large donation amount.

To make your NFT buyers emotionally involved in your NFT community, you must first be emotionally involved yourself. Once you are emotionally engaged with your NFT project by creating NFTs that include charity receipts you pay, you will be able to find ways to involve your NFT buyers emotionally. Higher the money paid to charity higher your odds of getting emotionally involved and the faster the odds of selling such NFTs.

Emotional involvement is the key, and there is no shortcut to directly involving your customers emotionally. It would be best if you were emotionally engaged first, and only then can you involve your NFT buyers emotionally. I am not saying you should put your entire wealth in a single NFT but create a receipt of the amount you can afford to lose if your NFTs don’t sell. If you practice the idea I am discussing, you will likely succeed sooner or later. The power of charity has yet to be talked about in crypto.

Your emotional involvement will be the deciding factor in building a community that is emotionally involved with your NFT artwork that includes charity receipt of a large chunk. You can also practice the same, which will likely take years. A faster and more effective way is to pay big to charities and then use those receipts to create NFTs. It is very similar to investing, where to make more money in bitcoin, you can only invest more amount.

NFT buyers’ emotional involvement and your emotional involvement are aligned. The more depth you all carry with each other on an emotional level, your NFT project will succeed. Emotional involvement is everything; no one can grow without being emotionally involved. The fastest way to be emotionally engaged with our NFT artwork is by including the charity donation receipt of a large amount.

You will have to take action now to start the proceedings of a successful NFT project. Your emotional involvement can only grow right now if you create NFTs that include large chink of donation receipts given by you, and only after that will you be able to start the sales proceeding with extreme focus.

Either you can sell your NFTs by emotionally getting involved, or someone else will. If you genuinely care about the artwork you create through your NFTs, you must take action now. I care about the artwork of chess meditation, so I made NFTs where you can meditate by watching the video, and at the same time, it includes the Charity receipt. You can try the chess meditation here by inhaling with every chess move. With more and more people owning NFTs, the community will become more and more growth-oriented.

We can start finding growth for ourselves and our NFT buyers by getting emotionally involved. Sometimes attack is the defense, and this strategy can work well in the competitive NFT market. We can attack by selling NFTs that combine the artwork we care for and a large chunk of donation receipts. There will be an initial investment, but it allows you to attack immediately.

With emotional involvement, we can succeed, and our community also will. The community’s emotional involvement is the key, but that starts with you. We cannot spread happiness if we are not happy, and we cannot create a community that is emotionally involved with our NFT project if we cannot make ourselves emotionally involved. Join our telegram community to share screenshots of your NFTs, including large donations.

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