It is no longer a breaking news that the GangstApes NFT project has sold out. 6969 GangstApes collection is completely sold and bought with the major utility drive being built around the first of its kind NFT INNOVATIVE STUDIO for gangsters otherwise known as THE MAFIA ROOM. The MAFIA ROOM is the phase two of the GangstApes NFT project and also launches the community into an unending adventure in the NFT space.

To earn from this monthly passive income model (MAFIA ROOM) amidst other benefits, one needs to hold a minimum of 25 GangstApes and a community acceptance vote conducted at the point of admittance. This is to scrutinize and checkmate the in-flow of scammers and mitigate the entrance of competitors whose sole aim is to steal idea off this project. Now that the minting session is over, one can hurriedly get involved by mopping and sweeping GangstApes on the Opensea floor price offers.

The availability and provision of this MAFIA ROOM will shield you from the hassle of getting your fingers burnt by scammers and their likes. You don’t need to chase and run after NFT projects aimlessly for investment opportunities since the MAFIA ROOM will give you a one stop point opportunity to avail all these.

A peep into the expectations of MAFIA ROOM revealed that it has a dual facet of developmental and empowerment undertone by way of allowing members to not only invest but to participate actively in the execution of the intended projects emanating from the MAFIA ROOM. There is no gain saying that the invest option of the MAFIA ROOM has a juicy Return Over Investment. Take a look at these samples:

0.3 ETH Invested will be rewarded with 0.9 ETH and 10 NFT's

0.6 ETH Invested will be rewarded with 1.8 ETH and 20 NFT's

1   ETH Invested will be rewarded with 3 ETH and 30 NFT's

2 ETH Invested will be rewarded with 6 ETH and 50 NFT's

From the illustration above, the number of NFTs airdropped may vary from one project to the other and is dependent on the supply of each project collection. Also, for the effective running of the MAFIA ROOM, there is 10% royalty attached and 5% of the amount will be re-invested to the development and community needs.

The GangstApes team looks forward to building a strong community that is business minded and laser focused in achieving this plan together.  Do well to visit our various links for more information:

Mint website:






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