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In the recent past, a company is usually known for a particular kind of product and solutions either online or offline. Here in Praetorian Group International (PGI), we have a rare blend of online and offline products and services cutting across health products, Fintech solutions, e-commerce, Crypto trading and Forex trading.

PGI is a global company with head office in Philippine and branches in the US, Singapore and London to cover the teeming global followership. Besides, the PGI leadership and marketing structure supports some regional and countries representatives in the cadres of PGI master distributors, PGI country’s president and PGI Ambassadors other than the normal independent distributor at the point of joining PGI. These structures are in place to better manage the entire PGI logistics effortless with the required accrued benefits to each of these designations. You never can tell, you may be one of those eligible for this position or still having such vacancy free in your country of your abode. Just make the move here: REGISTER NOW

However, one’s registration may be invalid if not activated within 24 hours of registration. The various support and training needed will be easily provided by our global zoom training platforms in various languages of your choice through us. Funding and payment for products and services is done via bitcoin likewise the withdrawal of bonuses accrued from active participation on the PGI program.

Let us X-ray in details the several segments of PGI business affiliation that makes PGI interesting, divertive and lucrative. PGI is the only company globally for now that has the combination of real products with passive income earnings. This combination will make PGI relevant in and out of season for a long time to come.

PGI health and wellness products

Here we have diverse health products like Xsanchi known as “miracle” in Chinese traditional medicine, vitamin C, Spirulina, female healthy pads, Flutathione collagen, etc. These products with more counting can be gotten via the PGI platform using direct sales marketing structure.

PGI fintech and e-commerce products/services

There is also a flavor of fintech products available for usage and marketing on the PGI programs in the ranges of crypto-fiat payment cards, Crypto-fiat POS, Bitcoin ATMs, and e-commerce platforms that members and participants can take advantage and make some good passive income out of. It has never been so nice in any platform like this before now.

PGI Crypto trading

The crypto trading aspect of PGI program is responsible for passive income side enjoyed so far by members. The activation that caps at 200% passive limits earnings also acts as a pointer to the stop of the network earning which can be lifted at the point of upgrade before capping or outright renewal when capped. The earning capacity of the network side of the PGI program is unlimited until the passive side caps at the 200% of the activation cost. The greatest strength of the crypto trading is in its volatility and ease of diversification of trade.

PGI Forex trading

The diversification of the earning possibilities in PGI is unique and next to none. Forex is another means of passive earning that will be introduced shortly amidst all other ready money yielding segments of the PGI program. The choice is obvious for the singular reason of the Forex recession proof. PGI is sure a block buster.

How to be part of PGI program

Get a link from a sponsor like this to join - JOIN NOW. Get registered and make sure your account is activated within 24 hours of registration else the system automatically flushes it out since there is no room for inactive account. The activation packages ranges from $100, $200, $500, $1000, $5000, $10000, $20000, $50000, $10000, to $500000 all payable via bitcoin. Eligibility of withdraw and pay out starts from $20 which is highly encouraging. The ball is in your court. Take action now!


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Crypto and fintect opportunities
Crypto and fintect opportunities

opportunities to make money in the crypto and fintech space

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