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Crowny is one of the many innovations and out-of-the-box concepts emerging out of the post bitcoin third halving. Evidently, it Is fast becoming the advertisement unicorn due to its quick and vast support by major industry stakeholders. Crowny tends to solve one of the numerous advertising lingering problems by bringing the required advert to the supposed target audience. The audience here are attracted via the rewards through the app with their privacy still in check and intact. This is not far from the new norms in the leisure and fun economy where participants are rewarded for playing games and listening to pieces of music as seen in the  Axie Infinity and Audious crypto projects. Crowny simply makes the advertisement fun and leisure to the advertisement audience and participants. It is the latest modified advertisement model with benefits for the target audience and participants with the aim to grow brand engagement more effectively.

What makes Crowny so unique?

Crowny seems to have dwarfed the existing features of rival projects in the same niche (Adex, Brave, and Lolli) with its outstanding features that are not common in the advertisement industry. Crowny is being developed on the Ethereum and Solana blockchains; a blend of the old and new blockchains which gives it unusual dual accessibility and some form of flexibility. Besides, Crowny makes its advertisement system so simple that participants can access it even on smartphones.

With the Crowny native token as $Crwny going for as low as $0.00555 in the upcoming community offering on Daomaker, it is overwhelmingly evident that  Crowny supports retail investment. Also, the up-to-date road map that has a strict timeline makes this project ever endearing. Crowny is built with the latest technologies in the neighborhood of Solidity, Rust, Sigma, React native, wormhole, etc., which makes it a game-changer. The Crown native token has a very strong use case and $Crwny holders will be able to stake both $Crwny and the LP tokens gained through providing liquidity.

To add to its scorecard, the Crowny project recently got the rare Serum grant to facilitate the good product and service they have in the making. Besides, they already got the nods of venture capitalists like Savy Capital, PYNX, Au21 Capital, Rarestone Capital, Genblock Capital, and a host of others. The success and cutting-edge innovation of Crowny are driven by an amiable team led by Quincy Dagelet.

How does Crowny work?

The Crowny advertising model works in a tripod stand of a loyalty system, advertising portals, and mobile application. Through these, users and companies can access and even initiate third-party advertising solutions to their target audience. This model ensures that the revenue streams are generated via the base price per defined trigger, fees per user interaction, fees for distributing ads to a third-party advertising network. Crowny provides a near-perfect win-win scenario for all.

To avail yourselves further study and investigation on this, the Crowny project has several online presences that could be reached by the following links:





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