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Faucets Explained and what they do

You may see all these ads on claim your free bitcoin here get your free ether well these are either scams or faucets.

What is a faucet?

Imagine a tap, sometimes it can drip tiny amounts of water now take a glass and hold it under that tap now think that the water droplets are a bit of satoshi of a cryptocurrency and the glass is a full currency. Well, that is pretty much how a faucet works you get tiny amounts of cryptocurrency for free, well not exactly free most sites require you to bet or gamble but those are not the only options some give you a bunch of ads but still be able to redeem the crypto coin or token from their website into your personal wallet. If you don't find sites like that then you will find a site that requires you to complete offers, Surveys or visit websites to get a virtual currency in exchange that you can trade for a small number of cryptocurrencies, Honestly, i do the last one because I find it easy to get the currency and to get the cryptos (what I use down below).


What's a satoshi?

A satoshi is a tiny piece of crypto most satoshis are equivalent to 0.01 cent of the cryptocurrency so if you gain 34 satoshis you are gaining 0.34 cents of the currencies full value within the end you can withdraw into you crypto wallet (what I use below)


What do you need to start? 

All you need to start is a name, email and birthdate most of the websites I use to ask for two of the three things I said. The reason they want to make sure you aren't a bot and they also have levels so once you get higher by earing their digital currency to prevent bots from using their websites they also require you to use ReCpatias and giving them your Crypto addresses.


What do I use?

For all things faucet wise, I use these 3 faucets 

Fire Faucet

This faucet uses ACP points, which, is a virtual point and you can run a faucet but a recommendation is set the speed from 1x to 4x Speed it will increase your profits per claim by 4x the amount of satoshis but it costs 2x the amount of ACP's.


This faucet you can run web miners and you can claim from faucets where you choose when you withdraw and you can convert currencies and has no in web points but I find it doesn't give as much and you have to do more work for your buck.

Bch Faucet

With these, you just put in your crypto address and you can get a randomized amount of satoshis. They show you the percentage of possibility and how much you could although you do have to wait to cash out the cryptos and have to do it a couple of items. They also have other faucets if you click on the circle tokens at the middle-ish.


What wallets do I use?

Lumi Wallet

I find that it has a great interface and lots of options although this one is better for the more known cryptocurrency or the ones of higher value.

Bitcoin wallet

Developers website

I love these websites because if its a crypto this app will have it they have every cryptocurrency that you could find and even after that more but I find it sometimes can be hard to navigate but I recommend this app as they are what I use out of the 32 apps I downloaded and tested before settling on these two Lumi and bitcoin wallet.

Hope you enjoyed this article. Until next time 

Nicolas Canu

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Crypto and everything crypto

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