No worries about  pesky mods

Want a place to share your referrals with other cryptocurrency enthusiasts

  Not having the  greatest luck  with  getting  people  to see  your  referrals. That was  how  I  felt  when  I  first  started  self-promoting. I was just  always worried about  mods banning  me. So just  for the people  who  are just  getting  into  cryptocurrency  and  for  the  more  involved  who  just don't  want to  spam friends  with  referrals.

Please  visit  the subreddit tell anyone who has  been sitting on  their coinbase  referrals  to  give  it a try.  

Any questions  about the  subreddit or  just  cryptocurrency in general  I'm the modd and you  can  message  me through  publishox or  even reddit. 

chubbie149 is my reddit  profile.

I would appreciate this community's  support  because  everyone  needs  a  platform  for their shameless  self-promoting 

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chubb149 from HIVE white listed Weedcash NFT producer & WAX NFT vendor every post comes with an NFT airdrop

Crypto and worldly matters
Crypto and worldly matters

A blog dedicated to crypto market flux & how global events impact./ for my first post ill leave some links that resonated with me.

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