Crytotab upgrade and monetization application C.T clicks how to tracks your contents url views and shares.
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Crytotab upgrade and monetization application C.T clicks how to tracks your contents url views and shares.

Brief description


Cryptotab is a browser that allows for a form of mining. The type of mining done depends on the device used they offer the "mining" service to p.c android and ios. To keep it brief the mining is not what one would typically call mining because booth the android and ios version use (SDP) server dependent mining. The only type of mining they offer that is close is for p.c. This does utilize your cpu to mine however there is still many differences on a technical level. as of august 3rd they upgraded to the 83d Chromium build.

  Cryptotab networks programs

  • C.B Click: Marketing tool that will track audiences clicks top referring what segment of your audience used what link.

  • Orange pie: A mining pool service built around referrals. when inviting a new person a % of their mining power is also given to the person who provides the referral.

  • CT VPN: A VPN not a product i would recommend as its prices for standard vpn features ranges from $3 to $140 besides that i cant get it to load on any device to test it. Please!!! no one buy this its listed because it exist's!! not to promote in any way.

  • Two Browser levels for android basic for free and pro witch adds cloud boost option , SDP features, secure profile for public wi fi, also paid service. This can range from $0.99 to 35.99 (i spent $10 for each phone).

  The update

I immediately Noticed the changes as a user of the service. However the company just released news on their site within the last weak or two so i did a short article. Researched all the upgrades and what specifically occurred before I could fully cover the topic When they upgraded to the 83d chromium build it immediately effected both my androids and p.c so i did a crappy article saying look at that without context its here id like to shout out for the question it took some work but i can finally elaborate.

The androids where a dramatic upgrade before the SDP boost would only raise the hash rate H/s from 30H/s to 300H/S . The same $10 pro package post update is 300H/s to start and now 3000H/s . the part 2 of this segment will be a earnings test with the aforementioned $10 purchae on 3 phones.

The p.c was not great for me in particular update increased the system requirements for cloud boost. It is important to clarify now that SDP or pro is a one time purchase where as the Cloud boost is a monthly subscription. However if done correctly with a new dual quad core it can be use full. Understand that the boosts in question are % based on original device power so a high end desktop can utilize boost much more than a old one or any phone.


  Browser tools and functions upgraded:

  • Improved interface in menue

  • New built in QR reader

  • vast improvements to stability in page rendering speed,security patches minor bug fixes third party cookie blocked incognito.

Ill spare you the rest of the tech jargon details suffice it to say the upgrades are numerous. Drasticaly improvement of the mining was facilitated by the upgrade to 83d Chromium. So all of it gets included in the overview.



C.B click

Perhaps you have noticed the frequent use of pictures this is just one facet. Of promotional material provided for any affiliate to post literally over 35 different images or pre-made adds with your referral. By far my favorite newer tool is C.B click. This is made for content creators like you or me.

C.B click primary functions

  • Target. Re-target: different links to the same material. Its best for those who cross promote there content.

  • Measure,optimize: one click interface to post on every platform simultaneously. The different links from different parts of your social media help to determine what posts are working what is not doing so well.

  • Use Data-driven Approach: No more guesswork’s powerful dashboard provides you with all the data you need. Top referring best channel the data is all in front of you.

  • Full control of all links: add remove and edit your links from any where all localized one app or the browser extension.

  • Price: wow the best service is free to use no charges at all.

Will be continued after tests of vpn and mining earnings experiment in roughly 2 weeks.

In part 2 i will give deatailed mining information. including results on my earnings test of 3 androids with the $10 (SPD). For 2 weeks I know there are mining calculators however id like to have both data sets so as to not misinform anyone.

Will still publish daily however the cryptotab services are many. I use or test most all of the services i write about so i don't spread misinformation. This is a long process so i realeased the information above to bring attention to the 83d chromium upgrade.



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