AMA Recap - MXC Exchange x Game of Bitcoins
AMA Recap - MXC Exchange x Game of Bitcoins

By Game of Bitcoins | crypto_amas | 20 Sep 2019



Dear Community,

Thanks a lot for actively participating in the MXC Exchange AMA held on 20th September 2019 at the Game of Bitcoins Channel. We really appreciate all your support. This post is a recap of the entire session held with Molly (Community Manager MXC)

Q1. We'll start with the name. What does the name MXC depict

Let me introduce myself MXC exchange first😊

Good evening everyone here, this is Molly, MXC global community manager, nice to meet you all

MXC exchange is a platform focusing on the exchange of blockchain assets. MXC will provide users with more secure, convenient, and intelligent blockchain asset circulation services. Committing to build the world’s top blockchain assets trading platform.

Now we offer token trading, Contracts, Financial products, PoS staking, Saving etc. We will explore more products to MXC users, stay tuned here @MXCEnglish

And for the 1st question, Letter “M” in MXC brand name implies MIX, which indicates the integration of multi-currency and resources on the platform. The logo of MXC is symbolized by an overlap of two peaks to demonstrate the security and stability of the platform and is colored in green to indicate that everything will be full of vigor and hope, standing for the bright development future of autonomous growth of MXC in the blockchain world.


Q2. What are the benefits of holding the MX token

Yeah, that's very important for trades going to join MXC family.

MX is a certificate of rights in MXC community. For those who hold MX they can participate in the IEO, voting to list project, voting of community operation and team election etc.


Q3. How do you ensure the safety of user fund

Of course, MXC technical team has built a dedicated state-of-the-art security risk control system and an anti-DDOS system with its extensive experience in the digital asset industry. Based on security designs such as multi-signature, offline signature and layered architecture, MXC stores its digital assets in a cold wallet, escorting every investor in most critical aspects.

And MXC cooperates with 3 awesome security firms, KNOWNSEC, PALMIM, SLOW MIST to keep users’ assets security.


Q4. How is MXC different from other exchanges

There are so many exchanges in the world exactly. But only one MXC, as you choose MXC , we will offer you something different from others😉

In my opinion, the reasons why people trade crypto are making money and  investment. All MXC doing is to provide good service and products to make sure MXC users’ earnings. MXC Labs, IMX, MXC MARS, Light-up program, Subscription with discount are all to give more profits to MXC users.  Now there is "MXC effect" in communities that once a token listed on MXC, it will be up definitely🚀🚀😎

What’s more, MXC exchange are safe, convenient, high yield, and good support (24/7 online). The last reason maybe Molly and MXC angels. We are family with all our users and just enjoy trading together. 🥰 Any reason to miss out ?!😉


Q5. What are the feature that  makes #MXC secure and risk free so that  users can invest or hold band?💐💐💐Will 5G influence  #MXC exchange and value of #MXC in price ? WHAT are competitive advantages of #MXC?

Assets security  and advantages have been replied in seg 1. have a view😊 Not sure if 5G will influence MXC in the future, I just think if 5G influence our life, then it will influence MXC. As MXC is aways with you❤️


Q6. What makes MXC so unqiue(advantages over ur competitors)? What kind of benefits does a trader have using MXC exchange over other exchanges? Does MXC have a market makers option for newly listed projects like Kucoin?

The first 2 questions replied in segment 1. I am not sure market makers option, project can talk this with our BD❤️


Q7. Molly, the two biggest exchanges at present, Binance and Huobi are implementing lending projects. Does MXC have a plan for this?

Good question, it's in planning stay tuned😉


Q8. What is your plan to get higher rank in so many exchanges nowadays in crypto universe? What is the competitive advantage

This is replied in Segment1, and one more thing is that, doing best yourself, then you will be confident🤟


Q9. How are you dealing with the privacy tokens as there is policy regulations?

We respect and will follow all  policy regulations to run MXC❤️


Q10. How will the mx tokens evolve so that they are good and interesting and how can MX TOKEN compete with other tokens

MXC exchange grows, it will grow. And I have replied the benefits for holding MX tokens in Q2😉


Q11. I know MXC Exchange is a platform focused on the exchange of blockchain assets so what are its benefits? Let me know what are your goals for? and if in the future you accomplish that goal, what is the next step you are developing?

1.There will be listing fee when trade and chanrge for some services on the platform.

2.Our goal is to do our best to service MXC users, spread MXC exchange all over the world. This is our guidelines💖


Q12. What is the listing process of MXC? How many criteria for a project to be listed on MXC, and how does MXC choose projects to be listed to compete with other exchanges?

MXC has a listing team, MXC academy is  in charging of reviewing projects everyday. And then our BD will talk with projects about listing details if it passed review.


Q13. OTC is a potential market, MXC plans to implement this project?

Yes, you can see we are recruiting OTC merchants global, welcome all OTC merchants to contact me to join MXC team. And we also prepare some welfare for you. Recommendation is welcomed as well. Thank you guys🤝


Q14. US policies has affected Binance so bad. Does they affect MXC at the same way? Do you have any plan to prepare for the solution?

Yeah, I think also on MXC for some aspects. MXC team are finding solutions. No worry👍


Q15. Currently, MX run on Ethereum. Will MXC launch your own blockchain in the future? What are some notable achievements currently exchanged? as well as upcoming products launched to the community?

Yes! We are considering that in fact. I believe we will launch our own blockchain in the future. As I metioned in Q4 Seg 1, focus on MXC Labs, IMX, MXC MARS 👍

You will not miss out that



1.What was the vision of MXC and how it looks now? Which market MXC focus on?

2.How many product have build on your platform? Can you tell some lights from them?

3.What will you do to driving MXC use cases and applications, especially in the Asean region?

4.What has been the biggest technical challenge that you overcame this year? What is it that makes your solution better others similar projects?


MXC focus on global market. We are collecting MXC community and users' feedback every week, that's for providing you better service. If you have any suggetsion to us, plz fill up the form. Thank you❤️

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