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Thanks a lot for actively participating in the MILC AMA held on 30th April 2021 at the Game of Bitcoins Channel. We really appreciate all your support. This post is a recap of the entire session held with MILC

We have with us Kartik

I am Kartik Arora. I have been working on the community/marketing front in this industry for more than 4 years now, and I have built a fairly good network since.

I have worked for quite a few projects while being in the background, and recently got this opportunity to be a contributor in the MILC Project. I will be leading the marketing front for MILC, and will be using my well-established network to create most awareness about it.

A little Team Background: 

MILC platform is being developed by Welt der Wunder TV team. 

Welt der Wunder has been in the media industry for over 25 years, and are a well-established firm in Germany and the DACH region. They have years/decades of experience in Content management, licensing, buying/selling, production and broadcasting industry.

MILC platform will take the media industry a step ahead by solving some prevalent issues that this industry faces all over the world. 🎬

Q1. I noticed that you have already made a lot of partnerships with some big and renowned companies and brands. My question is, how will the general users be benefited from these partnerships?

These partnerships primarily promote the use of our platform and avoid an "empty room" issue. So we directly involve our operational partners in the MILC project. On the one hand partners from the media industry, on the other hand also partners from the crypto and blockchain world. All are professionals in their field and add a high value to the platform.

They will use our platform to monetize their content in a better, faster, and more fairer way. Plus being transparent at all stages.

Q2. As Welt der Wunder TV has operated for decades in the second largest TV market in the world, Germany. So what is your plan for global expansion of your market? Do you plan to launch also a Welt der Wunder TV in other continents like Asia and America for broader market?

Welt der Wunder is already a well-established brand in the DACH region.

Our product, MILC platform, will have no boundary limit. It will be available to all users around the globe.

Any content creators, publisher or Viewer from all around the world will be able to access content from the MILC platform, and that too in their local language.

This greatly increases available content, and audience for the content creator. 🚀🎬

Q3. What is your top 3 things for priorities in 2021? Could you share some plans for the upcoming year?

We are currently working intensively on a more user-friendly and easy-to-use platform interface to make onboarding with the launch as simple and attractive as possible, including a state of the art look and feel. Our platform launch is expected in just 3 months.

Another big step is making the existing company content available to license for everyone, so we don't only have the engine, but deliver the fuel as well. 

And the maybe most exciting feature we are working on is opening the platform to semi-professionals and customers. Not being limited to just B2B industry.

Don't forget we will also be having our TGE very soon, expected in mid-may, as $MLT token will play a key role in the ecosystem. 🎬

Q4. How can you compete with the big guys like Youtube and the other old platforms since they are very popular with people now. And I wonder how will you protect the creators when copyright issues happen?

Youtube, amazon, etc are not our competitors, but our potential customers.

Every VOD, Streaming, broadcasting firm needs content to constantly feed their community with good content.

It becomes much more difficult at times like COVID pandemic.

MILC platform will be a great place for them to acquire good content, as the licensing proves will be super-easy.

The trade will be fast and simple, thus will be their preferred platform to acquire more content. 🎬

For the copyright issue, hash of blockchain will act as proof of ownership, and any copied data uploaded later will be easily identified.

More covered in this tweet: 🙌🎬

Q5. In your roadmap you include "AI implementations", can you explain what this is about?

MILC platform will use AI to make the user-experience much more seamless.

AI-search algorithms will save time and recommend the best/hot content first.

AI-translation and subtitling will make the content available to global users in their local language. Increasing content available for users, plus grratly increasing viewership for the generated content.

This is something more which MILC platform will provide to its participants, making the experience user-friendly and much more beneficial. 🎬🎬

Audience Round

Amazing interest! 😄

Answering some good ones now.

Don't forget to join our MILC chat meanwhile: 🙌🙌

Q6. What information would be required to use the MILC platform as a content creator and what would they have to do to access all the functions of the platform?

You will need to do a small KYC, and you are ready to go.

Upload your content, put the price tag, choose your preferred license from the templates, and get your content monetized easily.

Quick and easy.

Q7. How do you plan to increase the demand and scarcity of the Token? Do you have token burn or buy-back plan?


This is more of a value capture question. $MLT token will capture value through platform adoption.

- Purchases happening on MILC platform will require FIAT or $MLT token.

-  If paid with FIAT, our integrated exchange API will just convert it into $MLT token as $MLT token is required for all payments in MILC platform (Buybacks). It acts as a one-step solution to contract signature, approval and payment.

- Plus a certain percentage of the transaction fees will also be burned, thus $MLT token will be a deflationary token.

Q8. Most of the smart contracts of recent projects are prone to errors and even the previous major DeFi projects have had the same problem, making you face a lot of difficulties and a great impact to the user, How do you guys improve that?

Our product is built together with SwissTXT, which is a broadcasting solutions firm.

It has been in this industry since 1983, and our product has been internally tested for few years now.

We are not a start-up project. Our product is in development since 2017, and is expected to go public in just 3 months now!

More about Swiss TXT:

Q9. If the license trading process is different for each country, how will MILC really manage to globalize each of the requirements imposed by each country? And in case of not following them, will the countries really agree to accept the licenses provided by you?

We will provide various standardised templates, and the content creator can choose the one which best suits his/her needs.

Q10. In reference to your MLT tokens, could you tell us about its functionalities, distribution, burning mechanism and on which platforms can we acquire them?


The token of MILC platform will be $MLT.

- $MLT token will be used to pay for any purchase taking place on MILC platform. $MLT token represents a one-click-solution including contract signature, approval and payment.

- $MLT token will also be used as a governance token for the community to propose and vote for changes in the platform features, or in token utility.

- The MILC platform will also act as a "Content Launchpad", where content creators can get funded for their work, and $MLT token will be required to participate in that.

- And we will also support the $MLT token staking with our platform launch. 👌🎬🎬

Q11. Can you tell me how much your project differs from your competition? Are you confident next time you can occupy the market that your project is looking for?The project's strengths compared to its competitors?

There are few projects who are focusing on the social media side, but their scope is limited. Plus the content uploaded on their platform can't be properly monetized.

In MILC platform, you will be able to put a "price tag" on your content.

This way anyone who wants to reuse your content will be able to just pay you upfront, and then use the content in the manner he desires.

This makes the legal/licensing process much easier for both parties.

MILC platform will standardize the tough licensing process faced by the media industry people for a long time, and will also provide a platform for B2B and B2C industry. Not just one.

This way, MILC platform will act as a digital marketplace for both professional and non-professional creators and buyers, and our added features will make it a one-stop platform for all your needs! 🤝

Another important thing to note is that our platform has already been stress-tested in 2 media broadcasting platforms for years now. 

All above points make us confident that we are way ahead of any competition in this space. 🎬

Q12. Doing research about MILC platform, I just realized that you're able to conduct Launchpads, so please can you shared what are the fully requirements to be able or apply to be launched through your website?

You will just have to provide demo of your product and convince the audience. That will be the most crucial step.

Our "Content Launchpad" will act as a career jumpstart for many creators.

And media industry will get much more good content to fund and monetize, for users to pay and watch.

Q13. Content creators still operate in regional offline environments, which increases costs by 30-50%. What has MILC done to lower these operating costs? What aspect of the DeFi world has helped them solve these problems? What are the advantages of blockchain for a project like MILC?

Creators will be charged a mere 10% instead. Plus this 10% will also reduce as the platforms sees adoption.

This will greatly increase the profit margin for the content creators, and regional creators will get global audience as their potential viewers and buyers. Thus again greatly increasing their potential profits. 🎬🎬


I think i have answered most of the good ones.

For those who still have any doubt MILC platform, please join our community chat:

Our Telegram Announcement channel for all updates: @milc_announcement

And please follow our twitter channel for all insights and informative tweets about MILC: 💪🎬

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