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Thanks a lot for actively participating in the Hybridverse AMA held on 12th November 2019 at the Game of Bitcoins Channel. We really appreciate all your support. This post is a recap of the entire session held with Hybridverse

We have with us 

Steve Erebor (CEO): @hybridsteve

Before we start please introduce yourself

Hi everyone, my name is Steve Erebor I am the CEO & Founder of

Hybridverse is a project that has started exactly 1 year and 7 days ago, when we submitted the first Proof of Concept for Hybridverse to the Incubator for Innovative Enterprises of Turin Polytechnic University (world's best public business incubator accord to UBI ranking) i  am a former Sales Admin at Carrier Corporation, Researcher at EUC, Project Director at Polytechnic University of Turin and Blockchain Advisor in the Department for Budget and Business Development of Piedmont Region (Italian Public Administrator).

Hybridverse ecosystem partners  network is composed by both public and private institutions (some are NVIDIA, Global Legal Blockchain Consortium, Accord Project, The Blockchain Council, University of Turin, Polytechnic of Turin and more) our project is mentioned on and more.

Our Team has a strong academic background with at least each member having a BSc. Our Advisory board counts, a former Capgemini Principal, serial entrepreneurs and researchers, as example our Fintech Advisor has created a startup in 1999 with 3 engineers and sold it to capgemini in 2013 with 35 engineers, he later led the M&A in Capgemini. For any info about us check

Q1. When it comes to e-commerce, many titles such as advertising, marketing, supply,payment methods,logistics come to mind. How will Hybridverse , which aims to provide Ebay's Model on blockchain, handle e-commerce? Will all components be on blockchain?

Hybridverse Ecosystem Business model is end-to-end which means every user (wether business or individual) willing to leverage our decentralized applications can do so by interacting directly with the decentralized application of reference (e.g Digital Asset Generator), we will start with a software portfolio composed by: Data Timestamp (validation, verification), E-Vote (Public permission-less/permissioned, Private permissioned), End-to-end Digital Asset Generator (Fungible, Non-fungible, restricted tokens), Hybrid Euro stablecoin, HBDV Token for governance and participation in the network. The market reach of Hybridverse is distributed as well across Delegate Nodes which are in charge of providing access to dApps, managing the governance in regards to fees, while getting rewards for their participation.


Q2. Current DEX platforms are not intuitive or easy to use and require a high level of technical know-how, So how you will make your platform to become user friendly and easy to use for traders?

We are designing a UI/UX for HybriDEX that's more inclusive and easy to use, also, adequate material will be provided in order to educate and teach new users on how to use decentralized exchanges, the reasoning behind this is because we believe that if a user learns how to use a DEX, he won't get back to a CEX, so the ease of use and ease of access of Hybridverse will be composed by an easier graphic interface on one side, and adequate education material on the other side.


Q3. Currently DEX platforms are thriving or dying due to low liquidity? How will you manage that? There are many DEX platforms in the market why new users will use your platform.

HybriDEX is quite innovative compared to other DEXs.

Users (especially delegate nodes) are incentivized to use HybriDEX because they are rewarded for their participation, also HybriDEX will support IDEO (Initial Decentralized Exchange Offering). Furthermore, HybriDEX will be the first DEX on Zilliqa blockchain, which gives us a first mover advantage, additionally, with the combination of Hybridverse Digital Asset Generator, businesses will be able to create their fungible tokens easily, and if their project is up to our standards they will be able to be listed on HybriDEX. Providing an experience from asset creation to market.


Q4. In the Hybridverse E-Vote Application, How can Hybridverse manage or stops the tampering of data or tampering of the results.

Voting mechanisms always require regulatory oversight (e.g polling station), Hybridverse E-Vote provides a more secure layer for organizations on top of which they can perform regulatory oversight, as an example, here in Italy, the voting mechanism involves paper, fuel, many people in the polling station and more. With Hybridverse E-Vote they would be able to perform voting processes implementing their legacy regulatory oversight but with the benefit of saving time and money, the strategy for Hybridverse E-Vote focuses to organizations and management board decisions firstly, then in a second moment when the technology is more established we will propose it to our Public Administration here in Italy firstly (in a pro-bono way, because working with governments involves slow pace and a lot of bureacracy, we're currently working with the UTBI University of Turin BLockchain Initiative to run a free POC with Piedmont Region public administration using some of our dApps, with an alliance composed by UTBI (University) Hybridverse (Technology provider) Piedmont Region (tester), can't say more atm, because of NDAs but we'll be soon able to make the first announcement about this.

Hybridverse E-Vote provides an easier and more secure way to vote electronically, it utilizes ring signatures and threshold keys to encrypt data, the tampering of data and results is more a matter of due diligence than a technology matter as every user will vote with a public key, a prerequisite, for a governmental election for example is the implementation of the due diligence that is already in place for legacy voting systems, Hybridverse E-Vote provides a more secure way to implement legacy voting operations on top of blockchain saving logistics and operational costs in the process.


Q5. Is HEUR is backed by any currency, Is yes what is it backed by? To make the price stable is there any burn process takes place?

HEUR is 100% asset backed by E.U Euros at 1:1 ratio, it implements burn/mint functions for purchase and redemption adjustments, furthermore, the Ethereum version of HEUR will serve general purpose trading, meanwhile the Zilliqa version of HEUR will serve Point of Sale and Remittance operations, given a tx fee that amount to 0.00018€ and tx speed of 2.6k TPS. Furthermore, in regards of HEUR Zilliqa significant efforts will be made towards business integration as it's very competitive and can save a lot of money in the business model of small, medium and big companies selling goods and services.


Q6. Why did you build hybridverse what is the motivation for you to start this project? At present, what are risks affecting the hybridverse? How do you deal with them to develop project in long term and attract investors?

We started Hybridverse 1 year ago with Hybrid Euro development (which is released end of year) during 2018 we've developed different client based blockchain solutions and we've researched with our Incubator partners, we've subsequently understood that many businesses are willing to integrate blockchain technology but at the current state, they either need to rely on external development or in house development, which involves loss of time and money, Hybridverse wants to solve this by providing a secure, plug & play, multi-chain, decentralized way for businesses to integrate different applications in their existent operations and business model, or to create new business models and revenue streams without having to focus on the programming side of blockchain but instead only on the business side (which is want entrepreneurs in particular want)

Hybridverse leverages technological risks by relying on the best public networks in the space, we've also extra revenue streams with client based and white label solutions.

In terms of funding we've received a donation from Zilliqa Head of Research, we're undergoing public bids and we've equity investors onboarded as well.

We're part of 2 acceleration programs (NVIDIA, I3P) and we're onboarding a third one that'll be announced.


Q7. What were the products that Hybridverse have? And what were the problems that Hybridverse will solve? How HybridVerse helps us to Create & issue digital assets ? Without knowledge of blockchain?

Hybridverse is initially composed by:

Data timestamp

Blockchain E-Vote

Digital Asset Generator


Hybrid Euro


Hybridverse can serve multiple use cases given multiple dApps running on multiple public networks (I've said it "multiple" times :) )

I give you an example for digital asset creation, let's assume you've a company and you want to create a utility token for your business or for a referral program, as of now, if you're new to blockchains, you either rely on developers or develop from scratch, this translates in multiple consultancies and many expenses, furthermore, many businesses don't even know what they need.

Many companies end up paying 10k+ USD for a currency development which is a lot.

Hybridverse solves this by providing the Digital Asset Generator, fire up your browser, plug in your wallet and with the equivalent of 100€ you create your tokens without intermediaries.


Q8. Security and scalability are one of the major aspects of all crypto companies and blockchains, so how does HYBRIDVERSE Tackle with Security and Scalability? Token generator is at your website, so does this mean that Hybrid verse is going to have smart contracts, and if so, how are you planning on competing with current blockchains that offer smart contracts?

Hybridverse relies on public networks, Ethereum and Zilliqa which are secure and Zilliqa is also the most scalable network currently, with the only working sharding mainnet in the industry and 2400 nodes, our main requirements for integrating a public network are decentralization (number of nodes) and publicity (must be a public and transparent blockchain).


Q9. Explain more about the following

Hybridex ecxhange

Your Mobile wallet

Your stable coin. Why should we use your products?

Explain more about your consensus algorithm, how and why was it chosen and what advantages does this add to the project.

Explain more about your staking and the modalities involved in running a masternode and getting incentives

HybriDEX exchange with IDEO, listing, decentralized governance and multi-chain compatibility

Mobile wallets are for Point of Sale integration in regards to Hybrid Euro and multi-currency asset management in compatibility with every asset created through the generator, Hybridverse wallets are built to offer a mobile solution compatible with the whole Hybridverse Ecosystem.

Consensus is related to the public network of reference (so PoW for ETH and ZIL)

Staking HBDV enables to receive general rewards (from network usage) and specific rewards (from node usage), as well as participate in the governance of the Pricing.

Take a look here: and here and here and here and here to know the info in depth I suggest you to read Hybrid Paper


Q10. Hybridverse DAE is a decentralized business governance model, so what is the difference between Hybridverse DAE and DAO model?

Very good question.

Many of you know the DAO (decentralized autonomous organization), Hybridverse overcomes and abstracts such term providing a new logic the DAE (Decentralized Autonomous Enterprise)

The reasoning behind this is that current DAO models are generic (could be governance, could be staking, could be validation, or else) and are not  business centered, Hybridverse DAE is a distributed business made of decentralized workers that participate in the Workchain, expanding market reach and market penetration, getting rewarded for doing so.

Hybridverse DAE is born to create a decentralized business made of dApps where the business is distributed and anyone can plug in from anywhere.

See it as a decentralized company.


Q11. Can you list 2-3 killer features of Hybridverse that makes it ahead of its competitors?

Multi-chain, DAE, Plug & Play


Q12. What are Hybridverse’s plans for 2-3 years from now? What are the growth targets for sales, users, markets ...? What do you think about the china market?

2020 will be the year of the crypto market, 2021 the year of the traditional market, we'll run an equity crowdfunding with users, dapps and transactions on the crypto market to scale in the "real world"


Q13. Is your project focused on corporate clients or individuals? How much will your solution reduce costs compared to traditional methods? What corporate partners does Hybridverse Protocol have?

Both businesses and individuals, there is no discrimination, each product is enterprise grade so can serve high volume purposes as well


Q14. How do you rate your tech team? How does the experience of your tech team stands out?

Our tech team is composed by 5 developers fluent in JS, Rust, Solidity and Scilla, our CTO is a software engineer with 6+ years experience in Publicly Listed companies (Primetel PLC, Etisalat PLC) we can also count on the Incubator of Turin Polytechnic network consultants, cryptographers and fellow startuppers depending on the task we're fulfilling.


Q15. What are the reasons for you building and how can more people benefit from this?

To benefit from Hybridverse is quite straightforward, you can either leverage the technology or offer the technology, so you can see if you want to be part of the demand markers or offer makers, in case of demand makers, our Delegate Nodes system enables to distribute the reach to potentially 2000 nodes that can provide the technology autonomously and get decentralized rewards



1. In your white paper, exactly on the “Regulatory Aspects” says the fungible tokens generated with hybridverse digital asset generator are to be considered utility tokens. So my question is: that must be like this?  In the future the platform will be generating others kind of tokens?

2. In your white paper is mentioned the hybrid euro as principal stable coin, but you have plan to do the same with others coins? Maybe with the Chinese or Korean currency?

3. With this kind of projects the adoption is key, so what is your method or strategy introduces yourself in the big markets?

4. What types of smart contracts Hybridverse can support? DAOS, ALCS?

5. How works the incentivization benefits on the Hybridverse Workchain?

Yes we will add more standards for tokens.

We'll be providing Hybrid Euro as we're EU based and is the most favorable jurisdiction for stablecoin implementation, also we've a major competitive advantage that USD stablecoins don't have given the saturated market, furthermore the European Central Bank is crypto friendly (compared to the FED).


Q17. What is the uniqueness of Hybridverse project that cannot be found in other project that's been released before?

Easiness to integrate and offer blockchain technology leveraging multiple networks without having to program and to share the business in a decentralized way in terms of governance, licensing, rewards



1.What makes Hybridverse choosen Zilliqa over others like Harmony,Multivac etc.?

2.Which space will be your prime focus out of Gaming, DeFi and Gambling etc. for future adoption?

We've chosen Ethereum for support and compatibility and Zilliqa because of txs costs and scalability, the reasoning behind Zilliqa is that the team is very focused on development with a #progressnothype vision, I explain, EOS has 30 nodes (very centralized) Litecoin has 1900 nodes (fair) Zilliqa has (2400 nodes). So We've chosen Zilliqa because is the best new platform between the ratios of cost efficiency, scalability and decentralization.


Q19. Your metamorphosis is a laudable one, how have you been able to survive this longest bear market and to what extent have the recent bear market have on the project development

Comparatively how does HYBRIDVERSE outperform similar projects, what's your competitive advantage against other projects and how do you plan to outplay possible competitors

Hybridverse has many competitive advantages, first mover on Zilliqa, first DAE, first multi-chain operating system enabling to integrate dApps at high level, we aim to be the first fully decentralized company where the technology belongs to those who participate in the workchain as decentralized freelancers :)



1. Why Euro pegged stable coin instead of USD?

2. What inspiration behind the name hybridverse?


HEUR will serve the Eurozone as stable medium of exchange and unit of account.

Those who have participated in the AMA have surely understood that Hybridverse is a universe of decentralized applications.

The significance of Hybridverse is that is a "hybrid" gate between blockchain space and the traditional space, where who wants to integrate the technology in their operations can do it easily and cross the "gate" without having to be an expert.

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