AMA Recap - HackenAI x Game of Bitcoins
AMA Recap - HackenAI x Game of Bitcoins

By Game of Bitcoins | crypto_amas | 6 Apr 2020


Thanks a lot for actively participating in the HackenAI AMA held on 6th April 2020 at the Game of Bitcoins Channel. We really appreciate all your support. This post is a recap of the entire session held with HackenAI

We have with us

Dyma Budorin (CEO)

My name is Dyma, I am CEO at cofounder of Hacken group. Before Hacken established in 2017 I was working 8 years at Deloitte in different countries and worked for government for cybersecurity center bvreation. In 2017 my team and few other cybersecurity firms merged to create Hacken and focus on blockchain cybersecurity business. Since then we have performed over 250 security audits mostly to crypto exchanges 40+

And launched following products:

1. - B2B cybersecurity consulting company with essential focus on blockchain and cryptoexchanges security

2. - crowdsource security SaaS platform for enterprises with 3,000 white hat hackers working on it

3. first crypto exchanges ranking and analytical service. Main task is to reveal fraudulent and scam exchanges

Individual cybersecurity app that educates and provide all essential tools to be safe in the internet

With blockchain cybersecurity focus. We are one of the biggest security firms in this industry


Q1. Why do we need Hacken token to learn cybersecurity? What are the reasons behind involving into blockchains, while other prominent cyber security company runs on non-blockchain path and what are the benefits?

It is true that for B2B business models token is usually not needed and various different project tried to stick token where it shouldn’t be. Our philosophy and idea is that token should play different role and should be an indication of community growth and usefulness of the product

We believe that token is only applicable to B2C applications and products. And when you have a product that is needed for your users then it is possible to transfer value of the company from shareholders to stakeholders

In our HackenAI project we make a bet on community. We will not have any IPO or dividends from the subscription income, because all growth is directly linked to HAI.

We are creating a product that everyone can convert into its own business and that is how we are different from other cybersecurity firms that operate in B2C market

Q2. HackenAI provides digital wallets which is much secured but there are many other wallets that provide a secure wallet! can you please tell here the uniqueness of the HackenAI digital wallet which makes itself UNIQUE?

We don’t want position ourselves as another crypto wallet and we are definitely not. But we do have a Vechain wallet module in our app for the convenience purpose to our users. They are able to store and buy HAI in the the app with few clicks. In HackenAI we have focused not only on security tech, which is obviously at top standard, but also on user experience and interface

User story stars with cybersecurity educational module and continues through effective usage of tools that we have developed. Our main task is to create users secure environment and not just security if their crypto wallets

Q3. It is known that Vechain (VET) is a platform for expanding and managing supply chains. So what are the advantages of HackenAI when working with Vechain? Will Vechain help HackenAI in adoption?

First of all Vechain is a top blockchain project. No one is near to them in terms of enterprise partners and scale of problems that they are targeting to solve. Our partnership with Vechain is about longterm cooperation and mass adoption. We share the same values and ethical principles and we both worked in big4 so we speak the same language :)

We have also audited Vechain protocol in 2018 with continuous checks and I have assurance that their solution is the best in terms security at the market.

Another important point is that their protocol provides great user experience to our token holders. They will not need to have gas in order to send tokens like in Ether and erc20. This is very important for user convenience

Q4. HackenAI website shows VPN is an upcoming feature, In market there are many VPN available like NORD VPN and more. I want to know different qualities of your VPN.

We are going to integrate third part solution for VPN and we have already received few offers for cooperation. I want to have both centralized and decentralised VPN in HackenAI.

For centralized the main feature will be the minimum effect on the internet speed and decentralized one will be for privacy geeks. Another important point that our VPN solution will have several different filters which will protect users from phishing attacks and child abuse

Q5. Why did you decide to be partnered with CREAM? What benefits offers the CREAMethod incubator program? By your point of view, why should people be HAI holders? What are the main benefits and advantages?

Cream is a leading incubation platform for blockchain startups. Cream was one of the factors of Vechain success. We have worked together to come up with HAI tokenomics that is very favorable to active community members. We have created direct dependency between HackenAI app userbase grow and HAI demand.

With HackenAI app beta being release few days ago, everyone can evaluate on his own it’s perspectives whether we will be able to grow userbase and whether this product is needed to end users.

And of course our referral and staking program will allow to create your own business by promoting HackenAI app.

We have readers hundreds of successful referral programs and can conclude that this is the key to success. PayPal, Dropbox, Airbnb all started with fair referral programs and great products

Q6. Could You talk About HackenAi team Members? Do HackenAi keeps any personal Information of their clients?, Why HackenAi is trustable?

The data is stored on you smartphone and is encrypted with your local password and seed phrase. We don’t know your seed phrase and this we don’t know you data

Q7. O
f all the innovations that HACKEN IS LAUNCHING, WHICH IN YOUR PERSONAL OPINION IS THE BEST AND MOST INNOVATIVENESS and how does it meet the 3 pillars of security, Convenient and Valuable. Why have you chosen Oceanex for IEO. What is the UTILITY AND REAL LIFE USE CASE AND APPLICATION OF Hai tokens

OceanEx is our Vechain family bro. It is our first exchange and we wanted to appreciate Vechain and OceanEx community with limited and small sale. In few months HAI is going to be traded at other various exchanges. Being crypto industry veteran I have established connections with lots of industry leaders and it will not be a difficult task for us for further listings. We have released the app few days ago and you see just the start of our marketing campaign

Q8. As you said, that Hacken AI will provides all cybersecurity features like Antivirus, password manager, VPN in one app package! But, isn't it will overload for a single app to managing all the services ? Can all functions can work properly in one App Package ?

No. HackenAI main goal is to be a one stop solution for personal cybersecurity. The opposite we say that we do you need so many different apps: VPN, password manager, antivirus, education when you can have it in one with a friendly mascot living inside?

Q9. The section of the APP "Education" in addition to being useful on a personal level, is also useful at a work or business level? What level are we at?

We are going to have professional course inside as well. Such as: “how to become white ha5 hacker?” For example

What do you think is the biggest problem HACKENAI will solve which is not solved by other projects and why this is the problem important?

For example we are solving personal accounts breach problem with our DarkNet monitoring  tool. We Also created biggest brewed accounts database and continuously improve it.

Please check today’s article for more info. And this is for free - you cannot find such offer in internet

Q11. What should a user do to test their code on The HackenProof Marketplace. Are there legal procedures or security restrictions?

Just fill the contact form. We are working on saas solution at the moment so that new clients in wording is automated

Q12. Compared to rivals like LastPass, KeePass..., what will the highlights of HacKenAI will cause investors to invest in $HAI token?

Yes these are our rivals and this is why we are better:

bitcoin encryption standard

- education module

- gamification

- referral system - our customary are main stakeholders

- crypto module

- quite Mascot and modern design"

Q13. Dear Mr Budorin, I really admire to your working hard, you joined series AMA of HackenAI throughout global community group, so what are the true value that you receive from these series AMA and what the message that you want to send to us?

Yes it is true, I am having a telegram roadshow now. And TBH I love it. I think this is the best marketing instrument to build early adopters community. We worked for many months investing everything we had in this product and today we are very happy to share the results of our work. It is our passion

Q14. Currently you're doing well as regards AMA, what other plans do you have to bring more adoption to HackenAI?

Exchanges listings. I have few arrangements already to list HAI in May and June. This is our main marketing strategy for 2020. List at the best ones and grow HackenAI userbase

Q15. As I see one of your target is before end of 2020 having more crypto users and HAI holders..! Thats amazing!!! How will you make that possible? How can you convince users about long term potential increase in #HAI market value??

The main thing I want everyone to understand about our tokenomics is that it tightly linked to HackenAI userbase.

It is not like in blockchain Pr Toto ole where you need developers to gain create demand.

Here you have already a product and it is needed.

The decision is simple - download an app and make you verdict whether this product has a market fit

Q16. Especially recently, ransom viruses began to appear. Could antivirus software be sufficient alone? In addition, what measures should be taken?

Absolutely no. The first thing is cybersecurity education People have to h sweat as how hackers think Cyberbootcamp is created by us White hat hackers And we explain the attack vectors I individuals and how to be protected form them

Q17. What information or data is CyberSecurity Analytics Center investigating and analyzing to support the ecosystem? How are the results generated by this tool accessed or how are they interpreted?

We are constantly reasearching different fraud and scam cases in There was quite interesting case recently with hotbit exchange. I can’t wait to publish it. No more spoilers :)

Q18. What are the most interesting feature of HackenAI that makes encourage everyone to  start using HackenAI?

Try DarkNet monitoring. I bet we will show you your hopefully old password

Q19. As You mentioned Hacken AI Provides Personal CyberSecurity ! But, Do you have any plans to provide cyber-security Features to Businesses / Enterprises?

We are doing it for 3 years now. We have audited 250 projects since start of Hacken group and continue to do so. HackenAI was partly created from the profits

Q20. This 2020 is destined to be the launch of the HackenAI web version, i am interested in 2 items: How is gonna be the DEX? keystore file access or trezor?  the cryptocurrencies allowed Will be ERC-20? What are looking for with this implementation? Also there will exist a Cybersec Marketplace: apart of the VPN and Antivirus , which others items Will can be purchase on this place?

We are going to integrated Changelly or similar tool in the app so it is use friendly to buy HAI


Q21.  Is it necessary to use VPN / VPS or Tor to have better security? Do you think there are other functions? What does it offer to beginning users who don't have much knowledge about HackenAI, Hackers..? Is there any informative material that can facilitate to users being secure and educated?
Answering the second one - yes please go through 6 educational modules in HackenAI and you will learn a lot of important things

Q22. Hacken is cooperating with industry leaders such as CoinMarketCap, Bitfury, and Etherscan to promote cybersecurity! Do you have in mind to cooperating with other industries? maybe in the short term period

We work with Ukrainian government in various projects. In our home country we are quite well known project. We have also worked wit hub us department of defense to secure their web infrastructure. We are more than happy to work with other governments as well

Q23. In crypto Mar.ket, Many project's were Dead & some project's Core Team members left projects, which impact negative effect on crypto projects! So, How we can trust HACKENAI network? What make you not scam & long term working project?

We are one of those who survived :). We developed a strategy how to become top blockchain project in May 2019

And today we present results of our work and our plans for 2020 and onwards

Q24. am 15 years old and just interested in getting the SECURITY KNOWLEDGE, how can I access it, is it free, or its charged. What's CYBERBOOTCAMP and what roles does it play in the ecosystem

Education is always free. Our main message - install the app and start learning new things. This crazy COvid times is great to learn something new.

Check out our Cyberbootcamp

HAI mascot will be very happy if you join our telegram group

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