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AMA Recap - CryptoWars x Game of Bitcoins

By Game of Bitcoins | crypto_amas | 16 May 2020



Thanks a lot for actively participating in the CryptoWars AMA held on 16th May 2020 at the Game of Bitcoins Channel. We really appreciate all your support. This post is a recap of the entire session held with CryptoWars

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We have with us

Matias Nisenson (CEO)

Hey everyone, I'm Matías Nisenson, co-founder and CEO at Experimental, the company behind the strategy game CryptoWars - for the ones that aren't familiar with CW, it's a 1v1 competitive strategy game for real CASH (crypto ;))

We are excited about onboarding more players for India!

there's an open tournament for $100 right now, Gary has a code to get you a bonus when you deposit! Code for Bonus - US95013211

Q1. As per project overview, I see CryptoWars Project is working in Gaming Industry! But, can you tell us What’s the main Role of Blockchain technology in CryptoWars Project?

Sure, good question. Cryptowars started off as the first game to run fully on chain, meaning EVERYTHING was on the blockchain: assets, state, logics, literally everything.

Then we decided to take it off chain because the delayes were HUGE making it really hard to play. Now the blockchain is mainly for payments and withdrawals and for some specific NFT assets.

Q2. This is a surefire strategy game, it keeps the players mind in motion which is a good thing all the while earning cash. But players tend to lose interest specially if a game becomes a routine. What do you have in play that will certainly leave your players wanting more?

Well Gary, in gaming: content is KING!

So the plan is to always improve the game, add features, but also host tournaments and special events every week. Like for example, today we have a MakerDAO tournament for 48 hours. Usually cryptowars is 1v1 but this event specifically is free for all (or all against all), so it keeps everything more dynamic.

content, content, content

we also plan on launching new games soon

all for crypto prizes

Q3. There are many Cheaters in every Game, How can you assure that there will no cheating in Crypto Wars?

There are many measures we take for security. IP, verifications, and several anti bot systems. The best solution is to have designed the game in a way in which is really hard to cheat, and we have done this.

Q4. We saw games like Create a village, summon an army and go to war with their enemies. But, What is Unique with Crypto Wars? Specially as a Blockchain Game?

Most games for crypto are collectibles or really REALLY simple. CryptoWars is a complex strategy game where very single game is different to the one before, it's dynamic and a lot of fun. The crypto prizes part adds a bit of a thrill as well.

You should try it and you'll figure it out by yourself :)

Q5. Why did you decide to choose DAI as reward for Crypto Wars and not other Stablecoins? What are the advantages of your partnership with MakerDao?

We have a tight relationship with MakerDAO, they support the gaming ecosystem and believe in our vision. On a more technical note, we like how the Dai system works - it's a financial masterpiece :)

It's also liquid enough for users to trade it anytime, and stable so they will have no variations when trying to withdraw their earnings

Q6. Your metamorphosis is a laudable one, how have you been able to survive this longest bear market and continue building and developing cos many projects have died out in this time period wars

This is true! it was a hell of a run. There was a peak when crypto was super high and everyone stoked about it. Then it kinda died off... we had to pivot a bit into this new platform to accomplish our vision of letting users make a living out of gaming.

With this new system, we have users making over $250 a week, which is crazy.

We're SUPER happy with the results and empowering hundreds of individuals in low-paying countries to make an extra salary by playing an online game

Q7. With the likes of "Age of Rust" & "Spells of Genesis" and other related crypto games, how do you plan to be ahead of competitors to mass adoptions?

Good question. They key is to be blockchain agnostic and really easy to use. We don't require users to have a wallet or any crypto. They can play for free or deposit with credit cards. We love crypto but also understand not everyone understands it.

so the key is: MAKE IT REALLY EASY!

Q8. Southeast Asia is a very vibrant market and most projects are competing campaigns here to entice users and grow,  with Crypto Wars you see how Southeast Asia is and do you plan to develop & expanding here?

SE Asia is KEY for us (and any gaming company really) - we are starting to target the region with ads and content. It's a challenge because nobody from our team speaks any Asian languages.

Q9. There is nothing better than the recommendations given by the gamers community, how can we help you as part of the community?

That's awesome that you ask this! The best way to acquire new users is from existing users. So any of you can tweet out about CryptoWars and add your referral code, if any of your friends joins and deposits, you'll get $10 to play in the game, and they will also get $10!!

Q10. What is your background and how did you come to the idea to create your project?

Well, I'm an entrepreneur and investor. One of my partners really wanted to start a gaming company and we were both excited about Ethereum. So we decided to go for it.

Our last company was not related, it was a social media company that we sold to a french competitor.

You can learn more in :)


Awesome, I see several questions about gambling so I'm gonna just address it as a general topic:

We're NOT a gambling company. Our game has no randomness, it's fully deterministic.

This means if you win or lose, its because of your strategy, there's nor RNG

When you play poker or dice, you have a "luck factor" depending on the cards or numbers you get. When you play CryptoWars, everything is the same for both players, and whoever plays better, will win the $$$.


Q11. In past tournaments they have had over 1.8K new player registrations ... How many new subscriptions do you expect to receive after the release of Crypto Wars V2?

Hopefully millions :)

Q12. To Run any project, Funding is very Important, Can you tell me from where does the funding come from to sustain in this market?

Yes, we have amazing investors from all around the world: USA, LATAM. EUROPE, ASIA

All our investors are accomplished entrepreneurs that sould their own gaming companies. We raised $500K to start Experimental.

Q13. Is #Crypto Wars easy for new users?  What are the highlights that attract users of #Crypto Wars?

Yes, it's easy to play CryptoWars! It's also a lot of fun 😍

Q14. Will every country in the world have the opportunity to be part of the Cryptowars services? How many countries are currently related to?

Yes, it's a global community and we have players from every country with access to internet.

Q15. Can you tell us about security of Crypto war? What measures did you put in place to ensure player's fund are safe and secure against external attacks?

We have one of the most famous experts in cyber security of the world, Mr Sebastian Pionono Giro. He, and his team, assures that users and their funds will be safe, always.

All funds are locked with the maximum security you can find in crypto nowadays (multi-sigs with different devices, for example)

Users can withdraw at any time, which is our priority.

Q16. I plan to start playing Cryptowars, what recommendations or tips do you give me to get money quickly and have fun at the same time?

Watch the YouTube tutorials :)

Q17. What is the business model of cryptowars project ? How does it generate revenue for development?

We take a fee from each match

Q18. What is your MOTIVATION to create this Game?

We want to see gamers making money from their skills

Q19. My Question for Mr. Matias Nisenson, Due to Covid-19 pandemic more people are staying at home as a result of lockdowns and with that people are looking for extra revenue online. So how CryptoWars can provide an extra revenue stream for many people & will provide hours of fun to all those confined during the pandemic?

This is true and we hope our game can add an extra revenue stream to those confined around the globe

Q20. What are your plans for future? How did #Crypto Wars deal with Covid-19?

With face masks :) lol

Q21. My PC is Broken, so i just use my smart phone

Yes! You can play from any device!

Q22. Why are you better than centralised gaming platforms that don't use blockchain?

We’re centralized too but we pay prizes in crypto

Q23. Do you plan to allow players to pay FIAT directly on the platform?

We already do :) you can pay with credit and debit

Q24. Some gaming platforms have their own token,so does Cryptowars have your own token?

No plans for a token

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