AMA Recap - Cropbytes x Game of Bitcoins

AMA Recap - Cropbytes x Game of Bitcoins

By Game of Bitcoins | crypto_amas | 25 Oct 2019


Thanks a lot for actively participating in the Cropbytes AMA held on 25th October 2019 at the Game of Bitcoins Channel. We really appreciate all your support. This post is a recap of the entire session held with Cropbytes

We have with us Sandeep who is the founder of this game.

Before we start Please introduce yourself

Hi everyone, I’m Sandeep Kumar.

The founder of the Tron based virtual economy simulation game, CropBytes.

Our roadmap covers the list of features we have enabled  since 1 year


Q1. Judging by your name :) If I am not mistaken the project is from India. Please tell us more about the team, how many devs are working on this and where are they based

Yes you are right Gary we are from India and all the devs team is also from India. We are based on Bangalore.

Right now we are a team of 13.


Q2. I understand that the game is more than 1 year old. How many active players does the game have and what marketing plans do you have for the future

Right now we are having more than 5k registered users. Among that nearly 1800 people holding our game assets.

Among that only 1 % users are from India & rest through out the globe.

There is few promotional events ongoing on our platform but Mostly we are trying to increase our growth organically.


Q3. Do you plan to introduce free gameplay as well for someone joining in new. At the moment some investment is required to start in the game

Yes we have plans to give a free trial pack to new users. Which contains different types of animals, land and necessary stuff for the users to start and understand the flow of game.

The free trial pack will be out by next week.


Q4. Do you plan to expand the game on other blockchains as well such as EOS in the future

At this moment Cropbytes is not fully decentralised. As I said we are concentrating on growth at this point.

Our main goal is to  attract  regular gaming community into this platform and bring awareness about the crypto games.

We have set a target of 1m users ( crypto + normal gamers) by 2020.

After that we will deploy the same into blockchain and try to expand into various networks.


Q5. Why have you chosen the TRON network instead of other blockchains? What advantages does this give you. Adoption is very key to project survival and success, what's being done to drive global adoption of CROPBYTES?

When we are about to start the game, tron's test network was launched and it's network speed seems promising.

As a game developer we always want the things to work on high speed. So we have selected tron.

Yes adoption is key, if you check the game flow of cropbytes there are plenty of uses cases for each and every asset in the game & it's  simulation is just like our daily life needs with a supply/ demand concept. So we believe this Engaging game play between users will drive global attention.


Q6. How decentralized does blockchain gaming actually need to be? How not to overdo moving in this direction? Please share your thoughts on it.

Usually people trust blockchain because it can't be manipulated. But if you earn the trust of users it's not important for something to be on block chain . The trust what we have gained by our initial users is one of the reason for the steady growth of cropbytes.

Right now games which required high speed can't run on blockchain. So speed is a major disadvantage for block chain games at this moment.


Q7. As i know CropBytes isn't on blockchain network yet although it was released for over 1.5 years. Why did it take your team so much time to have a decision on this and do you think this will make users/players think CropBytes is like another centralized game which has TRX asset support than a blockchain game?

As I said above cropbytes is having a plenty of game flow and use cases than no other existing cryptogames. If we deploy that code into blockchain, there will be a huge burden on players in the form of network fee. That will not encourage new players to play and it will directly effect our growth. That's the reason why we want to grow first and deploy the game into blockchain later.


Q8. What are the benefits that Cropbytes really brings to the community? What is the motivation for the project development? In the near future, what is your plan to attract more users?
The Advantages of blockchain technology are transparency and security. How do you take advantage of blockchain to  develop Ecosystem, Apps, dApps,.. to bring fairness for players?

Initial players have made large profits on their investment in the game. ( seems like few of them joined this group just before this AMA)

Like any open economy , Cropbytes allows Players who play well earn more. Unlike most profit earning games, Luck does not factor in.

Our motive is to build a community around crypto gaming and the grow adoption of cryptocurrency.

As any gamer is already familiar with the basics of having a virtual currency in game, having crypto instead makes it possible for the user to buy a beer with his earnings.

As mentioned earlier we will be porting to a dapp later next year.

The  open market p2p trading reflects Transparency and security.

Consider Trading a unique asset on the market in our game, when its demand rises so does the price.


Q9. A: Your game is developed by Unity 3D so how secure is your game to keep investor assets? If anyone hack, cheat or bug your game so how will you solve it?

B: India is famous for Indian Rupee so why your game deposit/payout with TRX instead of INR? And how can you attract investor to invest in your game?

C: How Justin Sun inspired and lead you to blockchain? And what is your biggest challenge in developed a blockchain game?

We have a rock solid dev team who played a major role on some successful startups like swiggy in India. With the help of there abilities we have a successful tackled few attacks earlier.

We have plans to integrate paytm in future ( when there are more Indian users).

The biggest challenge for us is length of our game flow and it's keep on increasing when ever we launched a new feature in game.


Q10.  What about Security of the game application which is on Play Store is that protected from Hackers. When game for IOS user will be released  ? How much  it is  developed and what were the difficulties you are facing?

Earlier we have iOS app on apple store but it became too complicated to release an update. So we have decided to take it down. We will upload it back after doing few optimizations which help us to update the app smoothly. For now you can access game play app through web & Android.


Q11.  What's your business model, Cropbytes? Could you tell some products have build on your platform ? How many users do you have right now and % of the growth of user/month  on Cropbytes?

About current users I have answered above.

On avg we have 20 signups per day with 50-60 % conversation ratio at this moment. We are aiming for 50 signups per day in next 2 months.



A)Why do we choose Cropbytes to invest in farming business instead of many companies that also using real crypto currency?

B)What are your future plans to Cropbytes? Are you planning to made additional features?

C)Why do u decide to build farming business instead of many businesses that is also good to use crypto currency in it?

1.The popular game farmville had over 50mil daily active users at its peak. The game used farm coins for their in game transactions. Now farm coins were costed  a few $ but didnt hold value outside the game, nor did any of the assets.

If assets were tradable and a player would have invested early, The valuation of the asset would have grown exponentially at its peak.

2. We look forward to creating the next big wave in gaming.

Since day one we have been adding features to the game, you can see our improvement in aspects like  graphics, logic, user interface..

Our upcoming features are 3D fishing & 3D animals, and plan to add a lot more as we progress.

3. We are working on more than a farming game, The Cropbytes multiverse has a lot more to come, stay tuned.


Q13. As i know some items like animals can be only purchased through Flash Sales. So, i want to know which currency can CropBytes users use in Flash Sale like TRX or in game gold? If its TRX, how will this fund be used: back to game ecosystem or using by development team?

You can use trx to purchase assets on flash sale. This fund will not be used for development. Because we are having an " buy back option " For most of assets. That mean users can sell their assets back to us for flash sale price when ever they want. This is to safe guard the players investment.


Q14.  How robust is your system to connect farmer, trader and investors to meet with 21st century gaming, trading and investment needs? Am concerned about security, HOW SECURE is your ecosystem in light of security threats from hacks and phishing

It's an already proven system and running project . We are having total trade volume of 10m + trx ( excluding few trades) since we launched market place.


Q15. How can user earn real money on CropBytes with their role in gameplay? Is there a random system which make rare items appear on breeding animals or plating trees in game with rate is based on blockchain network ?

It's just like virtual economy based on supply / demand.

Players can trade assets like house, trees, lakes, animals, lands etc. Along with  this we are introducing few player vs player mini games


Q16. Are there benefits if we refer people to register in Cropbytes?

Yes, both will get 200 trx bonus when your refereed user purchased something on game. Please check referral page on web to check terms.


Q17. As a public chain project in the game field, how can you maximize your value and how to effectively help developers and investors create value through your positioning?

With a proper game flow and strategy we  made each and every asset in game as valuable. You can see our 95% of happy users on cropbytes community.


Q18. Why do you think the important of blockchain technology for game ? Can you share the vision about the future of game on blockchain space?

The gaming industry is growing every year and so are Crypto adopters. Blockchain gaming allows users to  earn incentives for playing, Trade assets in a secure and easy environment, make investments into games and support the development directly.

In the past few years, Tech giants like Apple and Google have announced their entry into gaming. Considering the statics its undoubltly growing quick.

Our entry into the crypto gaming space is backed with research and prior experience in the crypto space.


Q19. I havent played CropBytes yet but at my first look, its like a farming game where you can be a farmer, trader, investor in it. So, why did you to this field to build it since there are many famous mobile farming/ breeding games like Hay Day of Supercell and Dragon City, which has both Facebook and mobile version?

The avg revenue of farmville is 850 M USD, gamers putting that money just for fun. Here with cropbytes we aim to give them fun + value to their investment.


Q20. What are the main problems do you see in the Blockchain Gaming Industry & how Cropbytes tend to solve those problems? Which solutions do you provide to the content creators and gamers for better as well as Revenue generating Gaming & How?

1.Currently there are quite a few setbacks in Blockchain gaming, as you might have noticed,  majorly lack of gameplay and slow development. We have excellent user retainment and a highly energetic community around CropBytes. Our user have  always played an important part in our decision making.We are actively addressing these problems noticed in  crypto gaming currently and working on solutions for the rest.

2. We have various bounties in the form of game assets and TRX to people who support & promote our game.

Currently we have a referral bonus of 200TRX, you can find more details here.


Q21. Why did you decide to build blockchain in India?

Although India is not very forward on crypto at the moment, We dont see any slow down in either the adoption of crypto users or business based on crypto.  We believe we will see a pro crypto India shortly.

Apart from that we have extremely talented  people in India and would love to display it on a global stage.



First of all thanks for the AMA Gary and Sandeep!


At the moment CropBytes is working on several new features like:

- 3D Animals

- Carrotfeeding for SuperHeroes

- Fishing in the lakes

- Islands

- Wheat and Barley feed

- Energy Assets

Can CropBytes tell something about how, when and what will be released in their end of year roadmap?

Nice to see our existing gamers in this AMA.

You know that in the cropbytes virtual economy everything ( features & flow) is interlinked with each other. It's hard to give the exact release date. But we will try to give an update shortly.


Thanks @game_admin  Gary for giving me opportunity to share my vision with this community.

Thank you all of you, for your questions.

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