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By Mozzie | Crypto Aficionado | 22 Jul 2022

Gala Music is something I'm incredibly excited about. By adapting what they're doing with Gala Games, Gala Music will be powered by the people and listen to earn. Gala Music will hopefully be changing the music industry, forever.

Everything within the Gala Network depends on the user-owned Node Ecosystem. The Gala Network is supported by users, just like you and myself, who operate Gala Nodes from their home computers. Gala Games, Gala Music and soon to be Gala Film will make up the entire Gala Network. Quite ambitious if I must say so myself.


As you can see above, Gala Music is making 3 promises. Empowering artists, Championing talent & Sharing rewards.

Listen to earn? Sharing rewards? How does this all work exactly?

For the average person that doesn't want to run a node or buy artist's song NFT's it's simple. Use the platform and listen to the music library that is ever evolving and you will earn from listening to your favorite songs. 

If you want to get more involved you would either need to buy a Player/Fan Node or a Music NFT from your favorite artist and attach it to a node.

Player Nodes

Player Nodes are the baseline infrastructure for Gala Music to function, enabling worldwide hosting, listening and rewards distribution. Every single listen on Gala Music comes from an NFT based music track that is hosted on either a Player or Fan Node. It's unknown how many NFT based tracks can be hosted on a single node, node operators will be able to host their own tracks or allow other fans to host their song NFT's on the node.

Fan Nodes

Fan Nodes are new and haven't been released just yet. So will summarize quickly with a few quotes.

A Fan Node represents the ultimate fan club for die hard lovers of any musician or group. These Nodes host and stream tracks created by a specific artist and put operators in an exclusive group of superfans.
  • Amplified Rewards
Fan Nodes specialize in one group’s music and offer higher reward potential than Player Nodes for NFT tracks crafted by the artist they are dedicated to. Occasionally, musicians will release tracks that can only be hosted to their specific Fan Nodes.
  • Elite Status
A Fan Node directly supports the artist it’s designed for, and clearly designates its operator apart as part of a core support group in their creative infrastructure. Each artist can interact with this elite group of fans in their own way.

Music NFT's

By purchasing a song NFT and hosting it on a Player/Fan Node you're essentially supporting your favorite artist/music group, gaining access to unique content and sharing in the rewards when that specific song is being listened too. Beyond just those rewards, fans also "unlock the full power of web3 music and entertainment".

Each artist and group is different so the extra perks will vary depending on who you support.


Unique Content

Using Snoop Dogg as an example since he was the launching artist for Gala Music.

Each song was randomly sold in "Stash Boxes", it had a limited total supply of 25,000 Snoop Dogg Stash Boxes. They were sold for $5,000 USD* each.

*Only purchasable with GALA, Exact price will fluctuate slightly depending on current market value of GALA

Buy a Stash Box and its entire future is yours.

You’ll get everything that ever comes out of your Stash Box, including the 1/17 track NFT from the Bacc On Death Row album. There will be additional TBD rewards such as access to owner drops, increased in-game utilities over time, and the upcoming ability to use your music in various Gala Games to earn rewards.

There will be more information later on the TBD details of all these rewards, but for now, think of the Snoop Dogg Stash Box as a lifetime membership to an elite club.

Collect all 17

The granddaddy of collector achievements with the first Gala Music album release is the one who collects all 17 different track NFTs. That will be no easy feat, and anyone hoping to accomplish that task will almost certainly have to do some trading on the secondary markets. Here’s what you get if you collect all 17.

  • Invited to private concerts and private parties, including possibly BBQs at Snoop Dogg’s home. This was extended as a personal addition from Snoop himself.
  • A limited edition, custom commemorative chain for Snoop Dogg, Death Row Records and Gala Music made to Snoop’s sparkly specifications.
  • Ongoing VIP membership benefits — Owning the entire album is basically the inner circle level of membership for an early adopter to Gala. This circle will receive special benefits and communications that are entirely TBD throughout the Gala Ecosystem.

As you can see each artist can come up with their own ways to rewards their most die hard fans that host their Fan Nodes and Song NFT's. If you collect all 17 tracks to build the full Bacc of Death Row (B.O.D.R.) album essentially as each song is their own NFT you would unlock all kinds of unique rewards, the most unique would be BBQs at Snoop Dogg's own home. (Snoop Dogg's 1st BBQ is being organized, snapshot already taken)


Gala token (Called $GMUSIC) is being targeted to launch this summer (by end of August), Genesis mint of $GMUSIC will be shared with node owners. After genesis mint, rewards will be distributed to those who support the ecosystem, based on an algorithm (sharing music for example).

Each play will mint .10 USD of gala music tokens ($GMUSIC) and be distributed as follows: 50% - to the artist, 35% - distributed evenly to all owners of the track being played, 10% - distributed across the music node network of active nodes, 5% - to the specific node playing the track.

These numbers are subject to change*

Galaverse Music 

Gala's ever growing artist/group line-up,

  • The Kings of Leon,
  • Steve Aoki,
  • Bassjackers,
  • October London,
  • Jane Handcock,
  • Snoop Dogg, 
  • Brian Wayne Transeau, known by his initials as BT
Music Group 
  • Mount Westmore (Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, E40 and Too Short)
Four legends of hip-hop, assembled. Formed in 2020, Mount Westmore is a supergroup composed of Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, E40, and Too Short. The four California veterans, with a combined 67 platinum albums, bring hard-hitting substance, style, and lyrical mastery on their Death Row debut album, brought to you on the blockchain by Gala Music.

Gala Music's Biggest Hurdle?

The biggest hurdle for Gala Music will be adoption of it's new platform as it has to complete with giants like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music & Youtube Music. All of which have massive music catalogs that they're able to use, meanwhile for now atleast, Gala Music will only host new music that released on platform. Hopefully with Gala Music’s Emerging Artist Discovery Program and adoption for iconic music superstars like Snoop Dogg pushing for adoption and a fast growing music catalogue.

Recent notes from the Gala Team via their Discord

  • Artist's can join/create a campaign with Gala even if under contract with a label.
  • Gala is not a music label, but could be in the future
  • There will be rewards beyond $GMUSIC; fan meet and greets, promos, limited edition merchandise.
  • Unsure how many song NFTs can be hosted by a single node. Probably limited by system specs, but Gala will confirm at a later date. (Nodes will go back on sale at some point in the future)
  • No immediate plans for any Gala Music festivals as there are lots of competing priorities. Possible in the future, but online festivals more likely in the medium term.
  • Current focus is on new music (lots of education to get people to buy into the concept). Longer term aim is to get back catalogues on Gala!
  • Blockchain simplifies royalties (each song could have 10 contributors; a smart contract can automatically distributed funds), Digital Collectibles are a new revenue stream for artists and artists can reward owners much better than a poster.
  • Industry changes around tickets and more importantly resale market. Smart contact has the ability to give the artist a cut of the resale market, rather than money going to scalpers, Blockchain solves fake ticket issues.
  • Definition of a stash box owner: the wallet that opened the stash box; not someone who purchased an already opened stash box. Further surprises coming to stash box owners



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