Can you make money online?

By Nicolasmdf | Crypto Adventures | 8 Jul 2020

Hello, world! This is the first of what I hope will be many entries.

I've been searching for a good and honest answer to the question in the title for a long time. Of course, the short and very broad answer is:

Yes, sure you can.

That is kind of a not-so-great answer, though.

Asking if you can make money online is like asking if you can make a chair out of a piece of wood. Sure you can, but you will need to know a few things, you will need tools, probably several tries and so forth. The more specific we get with our question the more questions start to come out of our original one.

I am a musician by training and trade, that is my "analog" day job. A few years ago I started to look seriously into complementing my income with online activities. Here is what I've found so far:

1. It is possible to get a freelance job on several platforms. This is the most straight-forward way of making money, but it will take a serious commitment from you. I've been freelancing as a part-time writer for a couple of years now. I will share my experience in another post.

2. Bitcoin faucets are a thing, and some of them are legit. A lot more detail is needed here cause making money out of faucets is by no means a simple endeavor.

3. People will pay you for watching ads, doing tasks, and playing games. Yes, you read that right. I'll talk about this with as much detail as I can further on.

4. There are a few other things too.


Hope you find this stuff useful, I will start to go into the details in the near future. Be sure to ask or comment if you feel like it, and thanks a lot for reading.

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I'm a tech enthusiast starting out in the world of crypto.

Crypto Adventures
Crypto Adventures

I'm new to the world of crypto and interested in many other things. I will share here my experiences in the hopes of helping out others to get good information.

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