Rising Star - Free Play2Earn Game - Weekly Update 18th Jan - Bargains in the card market & increasing earnings

I've been playing play2earn games as part of my low cost crypto accumulation strategy.  The game I'm enjoying the most is Rising Star.  Its a music/band based card game - where you collect cards (band members, instruments, etc) and do missions (gigs, music lessons, festivals, etc).  The game is built on the Hive blockchain.  You can start playing without any investment, and start earning straight away.


18th Jan Weekly Update

In this last week I've been watching the card market a lot more closely, and trying to get a good feel for prices, with the aim of snapping up bargains when they appear.  The following table shows what I've bought :


So I've tried to look at how much I'm getting for my buck:

 - I've collected some instruments and a low value person (molly) at low cost where I can - they dont add much to my stats, but they help ranking by building up my unique cards.  The cheapest instrument I've managed to get at low cost is 300 starbits ($0.045), which is pretty low (they are normally more like 500 or 600).  Because I was getting them so low you can see I've bought a some extras of the same card with the aim of trying to sell them at a higher cost which should be possible,

b198cb0866977195861d5961736453e023ed2b8fbd765c8fdf20a092fe1e715e.png a8564b7b80b179ed12331a1118ec9001eff61ea9298c0a5cdd21c350f40aa325.png dc915c97d9b18f0a2977ec954e490647c27e3cf7b12645968955ddc9e4927602.png

 - I saw the card i54 (pink guitar) listed at a fairly low price of 750 starbits ($0.1125) - which has luck 10, so I bought 5 of them to help boost the amount of skill I get out of guitar lessons.  However, If I later wanted to sell some of those later, that would also been an option, as I've also seen them listed at nearly double this price.

 - I've then been trying to get, what I call 'medium people' cards at about the 5,000 starbits mark ($0.75).  These are medium priced cards that can have an affect on your stats, but are not super expensive.  As above you can see I got one at 5,000, but also snapped up two at the bargain price of 4,000 - normally these cards are more like about 6,000 - so I think I did well here.  These do help my stats by adding fans which allow me to do better missions and get better starbit payouts from those missions.  The skill also helps to combat the ego problem.

9ede8c1524e67a2d52268e8df0763d1e0abb12593324b3e422d0404fae015f75.png 66c19091e8d98920a44760363214e32a4ec4d19c8699d28cd946855eda9fbd85.png


Now bear in mind that I've not spent any of my own money to do this, this is just reinvesting what I'm earning which is currently running at around 4,500 starbits per day ($0.675/day, ), which I think is a decent income from a game that I really enjoy playing:

 -  $0.675/day = $4.725/week = $20.25/month = $246.37/year (@the 18th Jan exchange rate on Hive engine).

Actually - this was the first time I'd bothered to calculate the annual income, and I was quite shocked at how much it is.  Also noting, that would be the annual income if I didnt increase my stats any more through any more card purchases.  In reality I'm nearly picking up new cards daily now, so that can only really increase.

Learning points this week

So my main learning points this week are that if I check in on the card market on Tribaldex often, I can pick up bargains, but also that the availability of cards on there changes quite a lot, hence giving the opportunity of buying some at low cost and then selling them at a profit later (depending on the card, anywhere from 20% to 100% increase seems possible), when those cards become scare on the market.  So thats basically opened up an extra earning stream for me from the game.

In terms of energy I bought an extra pizza slice (an energy refill) so that I now have 5, which along with one pizza box seems to get me through most days easily.  Another pizza box would be helpful, but I'm not desperate for it yet, so that can wait.  

So taking this all into account my plan for the coming week is:

 - To continue a focus on getting new 'medium person' cards to help up my stats for better missions and better starbit rewards, 

 - To keep looking at the card market on Tribaldex regularly for bargains - mainly to increase stats, but also for the odd one that I might be able to sell at a higher price later,

 - Probably buy an extra pizza box which should come in handy from an energy perspective,

 - I'll probably also need to buy some more guitars to help improve the skill points gained from guitar lessons. 

Credits: All pics used are from screen prints from within the game


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Crypto accumulation strategy on a budget
Crypto accumulation strategy on a budget

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