Rising Star - free play2earn game - hit a new earnings target ($10.39/week)

I've been playing play2earn games as part of my low cost crypto accumulation strategy.  The game I'm enjoying the most is Rising Star.  Its a music/band based card trading game - where you collect cards (band members, instruments, etc) and do missions (gigs, music lessons, festivals, etc).  The game is built on the Hive blockchain.  You can start playing without any investment, and start earning straight away.


I managed to hit a new growth target within Rising Star this week, which was to generate enough income from the game each day (Starbits) to be able to buy a new rare card (~6,000 Starbits/day).  This is quite important, because the rare cards I'm buying provide more fans (between 100 and 150), and your total number of fans, increases the amount of starbits you can gain from each mission you undertake.  


The table above shows the new Rising Star cards I was able to get over the last 6 days (and I'm well on track for being able to get another rare card today - to make it 7 days in a row).  As can be seen, that accounts for a 640 fan increase in the week, which is actually a 28% increase in my total base fan numbers (my base total is currently 2915 from cards).  So thats a fair increase.

I also managed to pick up a few new unique cards (R128 and R149), which is also useful as that helps my overall rankings. 


Anyway, I was very happy with my Rising Star progress, as it demonstrates a continual growth, and I think I'll carry on the trend of buying a rare card each day for the foreseeable future, as it allows me to keep growing.


Credit: Screen shot of the Starbits price taken from within Hive Engine on 26th of Feb 22 at around 9:40 GMT.

In terms of income, well as per the above, starbits is sitting at a pretty decent value at the moment.  The highest bid (the highest I could sell them at) is $0.00026058/Starbit.  As per the above, over the 6 days I earned around 39,889 Starbits from Rising Star, which works out at $10.39 - which is a weekly figure I'm pretty happy about for a game I really love playing !!

Forward Plan for the coming week or two:

 - To continue to aim to buy a rare card daily in order to increase my fan and earning rate further,

 - I probably need to buy one more pizza slice to help with energy recharging during the day - I currently only have 5 and am finding I do get stuck for a few hours with zero energy now and again if I dont plan properly,

 - And similar to the above, I could do with one more pizza box for storing free slices that are dropped from within the game.  I currently have 2, but a 3rd would help.

- And most importantly - I'll continue to enjoy playing this great game !!


Rising Star - free play2earn crypto game - music and band based card game on the Hive Blockchain - its fun !

Hive Engine

HIVE blockchain


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Crypto accumulation strategy on a budget
Crypto accumulation strategy on a budget

I'm trying to accumulate cryptocurrency for long term gain, but with limited upfront investment. In fact, I'm trying to gain as much of it as I can for free. This blog describes my journey.

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