Publish0x tipping problem: failed google recaptcha tip security check

Publish0x tipping problem: failed google recaptcha tip security check

By d-erf | Cryptips | 21 Oct 2020

Hello all!



Brave users with the last version today 1.15.75, whatever os you have (mac, windows, android, ios), may have noticed tip doesn't work, with an error message: 


Failed Google Recaptcha Tip Security Check. Please try again. If the error persists, disable your VPN and Ad-Blocker before trying again


There is nothing to do else for now than just temporarly switch to chrome for example. Google scripts used for captcha stuff may be blocked by brave, so it can't work currently.


I've already though that if one day google captcha is unavailable one day, an important number of websites using this service would consequently be blocked.


Is security have to be depending on external one country / one company? I think security good practices should tell no to this, and rather be re-develop or implemented through open source stuff hosted by the company itself.


Well, time to go, hope is helps!


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See you all!

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