Futures trading: Binance adds hedge feature

Futures trading: Binance adds hedge feature

By d-erf | Cryptips | 10 Apr 2020

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One of the reason i don't do margin or future, is the risk and the unavailbility of hedging positions.

Hedging allows to set, in the same contract, a both long and short position, mitigating earning potential and loss potential too.

Without hedging dedicated and integrated feature, such hedging effect was possible to simulated with complication of opening inverse positions through a stablecoin for exemple.

Check Binance's announcement here

Keep in mind margin and futures are very risky and be apparented to gambling.

It has been invented with traditional trading like forex, which does not have such important price variation than the cryptos markets shows.

I don't advise anyone to do it, it needs solid experience and high funds and constant monitoring.

Maybe this edge feature will help now ok: have to see, but again be careful.

Consider other earning options like lending and stacking: you make previsible interests and limited interests PASSIVELY, with speculative crypto like stablecoins.

For example you can earn 6% annual interest on stablecoin without risk and doing nothing: no fee and no pain like mining server hosting and so on.

6% is a huge interest comparing to saving in a bank.

Diversify your savings and strategies: banks + platforms + cryptos...

And remember: don't do anything with the money you need!

Well, hope it helps, comment if you want to discuss around.

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