Earn free litecoins

Earn free litecoins

By d-erf | Cryptips | 12 Oct 2020

Hello all,


Let's see how to earn free small amounts of litecoins, without doing social long or complicated things, just 2-3 clicks every hour.


First register here: click here

You just need an email to create the account.


Then complete a google captcha + click the roll button to earn litecoin sats, that's all!

You can do it every hour.


Let opened a browser on that page during your work day, activate the sound option which shortly warn you you can click again.





Window title shows you with discretion the remaining time before new click availability.




And on that site, every earned litecoin amount earns interest too, 8%, when you've got at least 0.05LTC.


I find it not time consuming, and another little thing as part of everyday earning mix.


Enjoy! See ya folks!


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Follow me on publish0x, and on twitter!


See you all!

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