Binance cloud!

Binance cloud!

By d-erf | Cryptips | 3 Apr 2020

Hello all!


Binance cloud?


Binance adds another service: cloud exchange platform as a a service!


All the savior of exchange platform without the drawback of hosting and managing servers, with all security it needs, kyc and transaction historisation it needs... and all representing an exchange daily operations and lifecycle!


So you can launch a custom brandable exchange in 3-5 days.


Features included:

- Spot trading

- Fiat trading

- Futures trading

- Quantitative trading



What fees are applied? Mix of trading fees and annual fees

Are sub-fees customizable? Yes

Which crypto is supported? At first Binance's assets, but they allow to ask for other currencies support.

Mobile app included.


One question would be the mandatory condition to be a firm to access this service? Yes, you have to.


This feature can be tested as a trial too!


Tell me if you try it, i couldn't really try it by myself!


Thanks all for reading, see you!

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