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Cryptic Crypto's Free Crypto Trickle to Flood Plan - Project Early Retirement

Can you get rich by earning free crypto?  Seems unlikely, but what is there to lose in trying?  Just some time and effort.

So here is my three step plan to turn free crypto into an early retirement.

1.  Earn Free Crypto Every Day

2.  Invest Earnings in New and Promising AltCoins

3. Take Profits and Reinvest Profits into More AltCoins and Bitcoin/Etherium

Let's look at each step a little more in depth.

Earn Free Crypto Every Day


Earning free crypto sounds great, and it certainly can be done.  But it takes effort and time.  First you need to find out how to earn free crypto and then do the work to get that free crypto.  I have already found a number of ways to earn free crypto and will use the funds I have earned so far to kick-start my plan.  Going forward I will focus my free crypto efforts on those sources that provide meaningful earnings without consuming too much of my effort or work.

Here is my short list of sources of free crypto I plan to focus on this month.  If you have any other great free crypto sources please drop me a note in the comments and I will be sure to check them out.

  • Brave Browser - I blame Brave for sending me down the free crypto rabbit hole.  They were my introduction to free crypto and I like that I can earn free Basic Attention Token (BAT) just by using their browser.  They have been good about paying out every month although I have had a few issues with lost BAT due to glitches in their system.  To top it off, it is a great browser (based on Chromium - backbone of Google's Chrome) so I'm not missing out on anything by using Brave.
    • Level of Effort: 0
    • Expected Earnings/Month: $5
  • Presearch - Presearch pays users PRE tokens for searching the web.  Currently users earn 0.25 PRE per search and currently will pay upto 8 PRE per day.  As of this post PRE was valued at 0.016589595 USD.  So users can earn around $4/month.  Their search results aren't bad, but they are not Google.  Generally I find exactly what I'm looking for on the first search, so again, I lose very little by using Presearch.
    • Level of Effort: 1 (I do have to switch to Google search from time to time)
    • Expected Earnings/Month: $4
  • PublishOx - If you are reading this, you probably already know how great PublishOx is.  In addition to earning free crypto just for reading posts and tipping the authors (don't forget to tip me please!), you can also become and author and earn tips by creating content to share with other PublishOx readers.  Many of the articles are very well done and informative, especially for crypto news, so while you do need to invest some time and effort in PublishOx to get free crypto you willl also be getting free knowledge.  And knowledge is power.  
    • Level of Effort: 3
    • Expected Earnings/Month: $10

If you know of some other great sources for free crypto, please drop me a comment and share it.  Feel free to use an affiliate link if applicable and maybe I can make you some free crypto too.

Ways I do not plan to earn free crypto include -

  • Faucets - These appear to be a total waste of time and effort.  Most pay very little and have high payouts. 
  • Get Paid To Play - I've checked a few of these out and see them as too little pay for too much of my time.  But if you have a great game you know about, like they say, prove me wrong.

Invest Earnings in New and Promising AltCoins


Everyone knows about Bitcoin and Ethereum.  Early investors and miners were able to make massive profits buying these cryptos in the early days.  While there still could be room to grown in these coins, the gains are likely to be much more moderate compared to their early days.  But that doesn't mean the gold rush is over for crypto currency.  New coins are popping up every day and while most of them will never amount savvy investors can still find that diamond in the rough and make some staggering gains. 

To start with, I plan to use my free crypto earnings to buy $5 worth of 3 or 4 alt coins per month.  Things I will be looking for include:

  • The coins purpose/use.  Every coin has a project behind it, ultimately the success of any coin will be based on that projects success .  I hope to find those new coins/projects who will fill a nitch in the DeFi market.  Chainlink is a recent example of a coin that seems to have found a nitch and has grown dramatically over the last several months.
  • The coins current price.  Here I'm looking to get as many coins as possible.  The more zeros before the decimal point the better.  Finding that altcoin that is sitting at 0.000001 cents but grows to just 0.01 cents represents a 1,000,000% increase.
  • Trading Volume.  The coin needs to have a reasonable trading volume.  I will need to be able to sell my coins when/if the time comes.
  • Wallet Support.  Similar to volume, if the coin isn't easily purchased or traded for in my wallet I will have a hard time acquiring it or selling it.

If you have ideas on up and coming alt coins worth looking at, please leave me a note in the comments.

Take Profits and Reinvest in More Altcoins and Bitcoin/Etherium


While I plan to start my efforts with the free crypto I can earn, my plan hinges on turning those trickles of crypto into a flood of profits from the coins I buy.  My plan here is that I will hold each coin until they increase in value by a factor of 3.  That seems a bit greedy, but in this crypto wild wild west it may just be conservative.  When/if they reach that magic value, I plan to sell 2/3rds of my holdings.  That will leave me some of the coin and the potential for future growth.  Half the profits will then be reinvested in a new alt coin, and the other half will be invested in established coins like Bitcoin and Etherium.

I plan to provide updates on my project periodically and a status update more or less monthly.  Hopefully I will have good news to share!

Drop me a note with your thoughts on my plan and any tips on sources of free crypto or alt coins to investigate.  And don't forget to tip me!  I will need the help.

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