LEGENDS: The Apple Macintosh has come and changed the world of personal computers

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When IBM came up with the concept of a home PC known as IBM PC in 1981, it was still perceived by the general public as an impersonal computing machine that they don’t need and want at home. But three years later, Apple began selling its personal Macintosh computer. Almost everyone wanted a computer like this.


Macintosh was the first mass-featured personal computer to offer a graphical user interface and mouse control. Moreover, it was compact and elegant. It didn’t have the most powerful hardware of its time, but it also attracted users who had no experience with computers to try it out. Just plugged it in and started using it, everything was simple and intuitive thanks to the graphical interface and the mouse.


Premiere with ovations


IBM PCs at that time were desktop computers with a separate monitor, which in addition typed only characters. There could be no appealing graphics. And control? This was done exclusively through the keyboard, so you had to know commands or shortcuts for everything.


Image result for first ibm pc 1981 IBM PC 1981


Apple Macintosh revolutionized. People who were not particularly interested in computer technology could easily use personal computers at one time. The Macintosh was a sleek, complete computer, even with an integrated display. It was easy to control and in the light of the competition was not overly expensive.


Inside, the Motorola processor was operating at 8 MHz. It had 128 kB of RAM, and a 400-KB floppy disk was used as storage. The screen had 9 inches and a resolution of 512 × 342 pixels, the colors at first could not display. The integrated audio output was also a welcome feature.


The Mac Premiere on January 24, 1984 was a big performance by Steve Jobs. The hall leaped with enthusiasm during the presentation, as we know from its modern keynote.




He changed personal computers


However, it is worth remembering that Steve Jobs is not the inventor of the Macintosh. A small, inexpensive computer for everyone is the original vision of Jeff Raskin, who started this project in Apple and gave it a name after his favorite apple variety. Steve Jobs joined the project later.


Macintosh was also accompanied by television commercials, which took advantage of the complicated control of IBM PCs. But a huge response came from an advertisement in which Apple portrays IBM as the big brother of George Orwell’s 1984 novel. At the same time, the Macintosh symbolically portrayed by an athlete in red shorts was supposed to break this domination.



Apple Macintosh has set the direction of personal computer development. Mouse control and a graphical operating system with windows have become the standard we use to this day.

Watch how young Steve Jobs introduces the Macintosh

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