Crypto News of the day (5.8.) |100% of Chainlink addresses are now in profit, 90% for BTC and 47% for LTC • and other news

By cryptheory | cryptheory | 5 Aug 2020

We have prepared for you an overview of the most important things that happened during the last day in the cryptoworld


During yesterday's trading, gold reached $ 2,000 for the first time. On the cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin remains relatively calm, while some altcoins fluctuate, Chainlink has reached another historic milestone. LINK's new ATH is just under $ 10 - at $ 9.95 on Binance. The launch of Ethereum's Medalla test network has not yet had a significant effect on the price, and ETH is again trading at around $ 390. Ripple has returned 4% after recent gains and is below $ 0.30. Cardano and Binance Coin rose 4.6% to $ 0.143 and $ 23, respectively.


US Congressman: Bitcoin will not disappear, it will be stronger

Bitcoin has value and will continue to advance, making it an increasingly important and integral part of Americans' future, says US Congressman Tom Emmer. The US representative for cryptocurrencies and decentralization spoke during an interview with Morgan Creek co-founder Anthony Pompliano.

Volume of transactions at ETH reached ATH thanks to DeFi

According to a report released yesterday by DappRadar, the volume of transactions for applications on the Ethereum blockchain exceeded $ 12 billion in July. The year 2020 will continue to be dedicated to the Ethereum ecosystem for DeFi. DappRadar found that transaction volumes on the Ethereum blockchain reached an all-time high in July. Transactions on DeFi dapps accounted for 92% of all transactions.

Crypto News of the day (5.8.) |100% of Chainlink addresses are now in profit, 90% for BTC and 47% for LTC • and other news

100% of Chainlink addresses are now in profit, 90% for BTC and 47% for LTC

The recent Chainlink (LINK) rally has led to some unconventional results - 100% of its offer is "in money" or in profit. This metric simply represents a comparison between the current price of the asset and the price at which it was acquired. If the current price is higher, then the asset is "in money", if it is lower, then it is "out of money", and if it is the same, it is "for money". According to the news company IntoTheBlock, the entire offer of the LINK token is currently "in the money". For information, about 90% of the supply of bitcoins (BTC) is currently in the money, but only 47% of litecoins (LTC).

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Digital artwork platform reports 365% increase in volume

The "SuperRare" digital art market exceeded the cumulative trading volume of $ 1.6 million as buyers more conveniently adopted the concept of art sold as non-fungible tokens. The market started the year with $ 344,000 in platform sales. Artists can digitally sign their work on the platform by creating a tokenized certificate before including it in an online auction. Collectors can then buy and sell works on secondary markets.


DeFi protocol Opyn hacked, loss is 371.000 USD

Opyn, a protocol offering options for ETH, DeFi tokens, as well as insurance on Compound deposits, was hacked. At least 371,260 USDC were lost because of the double-spend attack on its Ethereum put options.


US SEC wants to buy a new tool for monitoring smart contracts and DeFi

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has announced a demand for a blockchain forensic analysis tool to help it track smart contracts. On July 30, the agency published an offer that gives software companies the opportunity to submit their proposals until August 13. This tool should monitor smart contracts and will effectively serve as a way to monitor the DeFi ecosystem more closely.

Indian government is working to ban cryptocurrencies

An Indian government official claimed that two ministries and the Central Bank of India were actively working on a legal framework that would ban cryptocurrencies on the subcontinent. According to a report on August 4 from the Indian news website Moneycontrol, the authorities in India are preparing to pass a law banning trade in cryptocurrencies. The site quoted an anonymous official and his statement that consultations had begun between the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, the Ministry of Law and Justice and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on the framework of such a law.

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