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Dummies listening to Dalio (Dalidiots)

By Fabian Augustus | CryptEquity | 11 Dec 2020

I was watching a clip on YouTube in which a guy from down under reiterated and agreed with Ray Dalio's questions pertaining to Bitcoin. While asking questions about any investment is wise, not seeking out answers to those questions is not.   In this video, the YouTuber ticked off the points Dalio tweeted out which were as follows: 1) Bitcoin is not a good medium of exchange, because of its volitity, 2) Bitcoin is not a good store of value because of its volitity and 3) The Government will outlaw it if it gets too popular.  Each of those claims has been debunked time over and over, so this short post is not to do so once again. This post is to point out this one simple fact...Ray Dalio will still be able to buy a $100 thousand dollar Bitcoin while idiots like the YouTuber referenced here won't.  If you would like a link to the idiot YouTuber"s video or my refutations to Dalio's willfully ignorant arguments, let me know. For now, just share the truth spelled out here to your cryptophobic family and friends.

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Fabian Augustus
Fabian Augustus

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