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By mattbeth | crypteo | 10 Jan 2021

Like a Yoga crypto hodlers

I’d have never thought that my first article on Publish0X could be born while I was meditating at the end of my yoga practice. It was a big surprise because I’ve read a lot of articles, and I didn’t think that I could write something interesting or technical enough for the crypto readers and users. But that’s not true. My history and every single history is unique and therefore interesting for that reason! I’ve been reading about crypto, I’ve given tips to many writers, I liked their good job, their advices and their unique stories. So what? My yoga crypto history is a mix of ideas, often born during my meditation sessions when the mind is calm and the information can flow freely. As in meditation when you are focused on the “here and now”, also in the crypto market it is important to be “here and now”. When I think that is the moment to buy and hodl, or to sell something, I do it…with the decision, no fear, no doubt (ok sometimes I’ve some doubts. Ahahah).

Having fun

The second point of attention: trading in the crypto world is fun. Ok, is very technical and complex for beginners, someone says that is just for “nerds” …but I think is really an exciting way to learn, earn and invest. As many in generation X, I grew up in the analogic world, and I would have never imagined earning in a digital way. Sometimes I think is weird because nothing of this existed when I was young, and if 20 years ago, as a university student, I could have played and earned with games like Splinterlands, I might have not finished my studies.

Enjoy tons of opportunities

Another thing incredible for me is that in the crypto world you can find money (token) “on the road” every day…amazing isn’t it? When I was a child and I happened to find coins on the street, or in the phone booth (I already was a token hunter)…wow it made my day and I was a happy child. Nowadays in the crypto world you can find tokens everywhere. It is enough to find a referral or to take part in a contest, while sitting on your couch and in a few minutes you can earn tokens. Awesome, isn’t it?

Where to start to collect tokens

Here are some of my tips to start with crypto market “here and now” (and of course yoga and meditation are very useful in crypto-life). Here is how I’ve gradually increased the amount of crypto and an example of how to earn interest.

Like most of you, I’ve started with Coinbase and Coinbase earn that let everybody get into the crypto world. Simple to sign up and use, and it has been a solid exchange for years. You can gain your first crypto with perfect training- gain system. Vote: 10-mandatory

A good example to earn BTC is Swissborg  where you can invite your friends and earn free bitcoin. How? Sharing the SwissBorg Wealth App with your friends. Every successful invite earns you and your friend a rewards ticket up to €100 in Bitcoin. Vote: 10-exciting

And when you have some crypto and don’t have time to trade? No problem! You have two main options to get passive income: you can earn interest or stake your coins. My favorite crypto wallet that I’ve been using since their ICO is Celsius. A solid and useful app with high-interest rates and the choice to choose to earn interest in kind or in Celsius token. The Celsius community is really alive and engaged and always surprises me with offers and new bonuses. Well, if you join Celsius Network using my referral code you can earn $20 in BTC with your first transfer of $200 or more!.  While I am writing this post, Celsius is offering an additional $30 BTC promo code on top of the first deposit bonus - use the “web30” code prior to your first deposit. You can get $50 combining my $20 referral and $30 from “web30” code. Vote: 10++ Extraordinary

A recent great discovery is Cake that has introduced a referral program where a new sign-up can get $20 worth of DFI  after the first deposit and an extra $10 worth of DFI by signing up through a referral link. The bonus is blocked for 180 days and you can get more DFI through referrals with your link. Furthermore, through Cake, you can choose to gain a minimum % guaranteed in ETH or BTC that you have deposited with LAPIS service. At the time of this article, I have invested ETH with a guaranteed of 5% APY and is possible that it will increase to 7.5%. It is an extra-gain if the value of ETH will increase in the staking period…how awesome is that?

In a nutshell, my experience has taught me that taking care of my body and soul (I will talk more about that in my next post)…is helping me with my crypto-wallet management.





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