How to earn with NFT?

By mattbeth | crypteo | 2 Mar 2021


Yes, this is a question that bumping in my brain from weeks.and of course I’ve found a lot of web sites, projects, blogs and what happens in my mind? A lot of confusion and another questions generated, like a chain… (not a blockchain in this case).

So this isn’t an article with advices and solutions with better NFT you can buy…instead I’d like to start a discussion and collect opinions about the first question: Where can I start with NFT?

Which NFT???

I really don’t know if It’s better playing Splinterlands and win the battle of the battle, or have a better life in Decentraland making a walk in Genesis plaza or going to Tominoya Casino to get some free token and play roulette.. Or, yes the best idea is take 5-10 ten “pieces of digital art” on and waiting for these pieces gain worth…

Maybe I can collect best cards in Guild of Guardians or in new launching games like Sinergy of Sierra…or playing fanta football in Sorare football-match?

Maybe is better to create a new NFT in IOST or EOS blockchain? Following simple steps and then try to sell my creation?

Or, yes the solution is speculating in NFT token like MANA or ENJ or RARI or SUPER or other recently added token..

Yes I know I that there’s no magic recipe, but I’d like to discover a good path into this world. I like invest and try new types of token..but where could you begin in the NFT world?

Thank you all for your comment in this amazing and intricated theme!

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