The 1st CryptantCrab Tournament has its Top Winners!

By CryptantCrab | CryptantCrab Blogs | 5 Sep 2019


Launched from Aug 26 — Sep 5, 2019CryptantCrab’s First Tournament has taken the community by storm. Thank you for all the support and participation!

21 players walk home with ETH in their wallets.

Over 30 players each receiving 2 to 15 tradable Crab NFTs worth 0.10 each, and at least prizes worth 4.5x Cryptant in value.

Some of you may know CryptantCrab features a dynamic Prize Pool that grows with every transaction made in the game.

We are extremely proud to announce that over the course of 10 days, the initial prize pool of 32 ETH grew to over 37.5 ETH!


And now, with the closing of a prize pool, comes the opening of another!

All transactions contribute to a Prize Pool which will lead to the next ETH Tournament.

Before the Tournament, players can enter the Battle Arena to train their CryptantCrabs and even win tradeable Crab NFTs!

Here are some useful links to get you on the road:

How do I sign up?
What is CryptantCrab? 
Battle Arena Info (Beginner)
Mutation and Xenograft

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