Get your CryptantCrab Starter Packs now for 25% off!

By CryptantCrab | CryptantCrab Blogs | 20 Aug 2019

With the tournament in sight, we are offering valuable discounts for all players. In particular, our Starter Pack will be going on sale for 0.1490 ETH, which includes 2 crabs, Double EXP, x4 Daily Rewards, and 3 Extra Team Slots!


The First CryptantCrab tournament features a growing prize pool of more than 33 ETH, and over 100 crabs to be won!


Tournament Date: Aug 26, 2019 (UTC 00:00) — Sep 5, 2019 (UTC 00:00)




The perfect starter pack for anyone is our trusty 30-Days VIP Pass which will be seeing a price reduction for a short duration.

For a limited time, this package will be discounted 25% off at the CryptantCrab Shop. At 0.1490 ETH, the package offers 2 Brand New Crabs for the price of one, and more benefits!

Your new crabs will have a chance to spawn as a Legendary crab or a crab with a Legendary part!

Seize the offer now:


Every battle you fight in the Tournament will require 1x Crab Token, a non-tradable entry ticket which can be obtained from weekly Arena rewards.

We are also making them available from the Shop for 0.025 ETH (during the Tournament).

  Enter the Arena and engage in Battles now!


In preparation for the tournament, players may step into our weekly Arena to win Crab Tokens! Rewards (as above) are distributed every 5 days with prizes ranging from Crabs, Cryptant, VIP Passes and precious Crab Tokens.

For a limited time only, obtain the 30-Days VIP Pass at 25% off! Hatch your two crabs and prepare for the First CryptantCrab Tournament, where the growing prize pool of 33 ETH and over 100 crabs await!


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CryptantCrab Blogs
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